; World of Dennifer: April 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 04.13.2011

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA - life has been SO busy lately. Mainly work. I'm in the running to get a promotion at the end of the year, so I'm taking on new work/responsibilities & what not to "prove" myself. Man, it would be nice to get this promotion - please send positive thoughts & prayers for me to get this job. I have already decided to myself that I will really be okay if I don't get it, but it would be great for us...& it would speed up the upgrading to a bigger home process for us. Munchkin has also been keeping me busy as always, but I have started on my spring crafts & I plan to about my spring/summer wreath with a tutorial very soon. :)

And now...time for WIWBW. I haven't had much time to think about this list since I've been soooo busy, but here are my top 5 off the top of my head:

1. Granite Countertops:

We had plans to re-do our kitchen this spring & get or re-paint the whole house (minus the bedrooms) this year, but with the baby, I don't think we are going to get around to really re-doing the kitchen. I'm hoping though that we can swing the new counters (& a new sink) this year & do the rest maybe next year.

2. PBK Silver Bird Set:

I saw these two cuties while browsing my latest PBK catalog. Sigh. Why oh why does PB & PBK do this to me? What, you ask. Make me want every.thing in their catalog!! As you may remember, I have a *teeny* birdie decor obsession & the price for both is awesome! Once I finally go get my bookcase for my office/craft area, you'll probably see these two cuties make an appearance on it. :)

3. PBK Cottage House Bookshelf:

Again, ::dies:: I love PBK soooo much! If this would fit in AJ's room, it would have been purchased long ago. It is literally, the CUTEST bookshelf I have ever seen & not only that...for a kids room, it's so functional too! Look at all that storage space on the bottom! I can't wait until we get a bigger house, with a playroom for Amaya because I am going to make sure it is totally cute with functional, but still attractive storage solutions. Love you PB & PBK, haha.

4. A few cute summer dresses:

Did I tell yall? I'm going on a girls trip to Jamaica in June, woooo! 2 months baby!! I am SO excited to lounge on the beach, drink & eat all day & get pampered at the spa. We are going for 3 nights, 4 days & I cannot wait! I know I'm gonna miss my little mama so much, but she'll be in good hands with her auntie & daddy & mama will get some much need R&R. In any event, I want to buy some cute summery dresses to wear for my trip. I have seen a bunch {like the one pictured above} on Victoria's Secret, but $50 is the average price for their dresses, which is a little expensive to me. So, leave it to good 'ol trusty Target {or Tar-ghe for the sophisticated bunch)...they have a bunch of cute dresses too for about $20 each.

5. A few power suits:

As I mentioned above, I'm trying to get a pretty big promotion at the end of this year, so I'm trying to start wearing more suits to work. I really had no suits up until last weekend. I had a standard black blazer that I could wear if I were going to an interview or important meeting, but no full suits. But, I'm slowly trying to change that. Last weekend, i found & bought a FULL SUIT for $50 @ JCP!! Can you believe that deal? I was amazed, but I quickly bought it. Victoria's secret also has cute suits for great prices, but the only problem there is I'd have to buy it offline & I'd really prefer trying stuff like that on before buying it. Anyways, I'm going to slowly be adding to my suit collection.

And that's all I got this week. I'll be back soon to post some new {cute} Baby AJ pics/updates & my spring wreath. :) 'Till next time!