; World of Dennifer: January 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Awesome Blog Giveaway!

I know I am always talking about the cool giveaways that some of the ladies from the awesome blogs I follow are doing. Well, Jaime over at the Dress Up Drawer is having one starting today!!

It runs through January 29th & every day she is giving away several items that are her follower's favorites!! Just feast your eyes on a few of the items she's featuring today:

Cute laptop skin from Groovy Lids

A pretty floral necklace from Flora Bond

Cute baby items from Sweet Ruby

And so much more! Head on over & check it out...I know I'm entering for everything!! Good luck. :o)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My [ReDeemed] Unique Art prize!!!

I am admittedly late in posting this, but I wanted to receive my prize & take a picture before posting about it.

Over the holidays, an awesome blog friend - Steph, over at Somewhat Simple hosted a really great  giveaway...and I'm a sucker for a good giveaway, so I played along!  It was called the 12 Giveaways of Christmas (I had the button up on my blog side bar for a while) & she was giving away multiple prizes every day for 12 days straight!! She posted the list of winners on Christmas Day!! And what a Christmas gift it was to see that I won a $25 gift certificate to the very talented Noel's [ReDeemed] Unique Art web store!! Noel creates beautiful pieces out of recycled or re-purposed materials - so everything is environmentally friendly in addition to being beautiful! It was so hard picking just one item, but I did it & lay your eyes on my lovely prize:

It's beautiful right?!?!?! Ok, no jumping to conclusions, but I got it to put in my child's future nursery...one day! Noel even included a pretty necklace free as an additional gift!! :o)

I love them both sooo much! Thanks Steph for holding the giveaway & thank you Noel for creating the lovely "green" art that you do & for my free gift! If you haven't checked out Somewhat Simple or Noel's [ReDeemed] Unique Art shop, then click on the links above - they are both awesome sites!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Packages on my doorstep make me happy!

Sorry this is a little delayed. I got home last week & saw a nice shiny (okay, not so shiny...but definitely exciting) package on my doorstep! I love getting packages - even when I order it & know what it is. But this was different, I wasn't expecting any packages.

It was packed up sooo pretty & even came with a cute little note from Danielson Designs...

It's even better when it's a prize I won (my first ever!!) from a blog friend's giveaway!! The sign came out so beautifully & I have the perfect spot for it...

It's actually going right above my entryway table on the wall - now, if I could only get my hubby to actually hang it up! We are working on some finishing touches for our newly decorated LR. I just brightened it up a bit, but it's looking awesome & I can't wait to show you guys the difference!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy (Belated) New Year!

I'm alive! 2010 has been very busy for me so far - I apologize for taking such a long break from the blog. We had a nice, relaxing New Years celebration at the hubb's friend's house. We all went to college together, so we had fun reminiscing about our college days - we are all getting old, haha!

Happy 2010 from the Dennifers!

We don't have too much we are working on right now, although I did do some redecorating in my LR that I need to get some pictures of. I think it makes the LR so much more bright. I am also looking for some year round decor for my DR table & entryway table. I have no clue what I want to put on the tables, so I need to start blog stalking to get some inspiration. I even went to Ikea today & bought NOTHING for the house - can you believe that?! We are also working on a few other small things around the house - I plan on posting a list of around the house to do's for 2010...hopefully we can get it all done! I am hoping that 2010 brings you everything you wish for!!