; World of Dennifer: January 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Project 365 - letters, lessons & laughter for my daughter - week 3

Hi! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! So much for my hopes of being able to blog more from class - yeah, my class def doesn't have any computer or internet...my phone doesn't even get a 3G signal! It's gonna be a looong 2 weeks, ugh!! Anywho, I'm exhausted so I'm going to stop talking now & just give you what you've been waiting on {at least I'd like to think so}...

More soon. 'Till next time!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 01.18.12

Hi! This week has been crazy with work & what not as usual. I have soo many posts that I have planned & I just can never find the time in my day to get them up. Starting next week though, I am going to be in class for work for two weeks, so I'll {hopefully have more free time to blog}. :) Annnywho, here's this week's installment of WIWBW:

1. Tiny Toms

I got a couple pairs of Toms courtesy of the hubbs & ever since I've been lusting over a pair for my mini me! Aren't they just freakin' adorbs?! I think I'm going to wait until she grows into the next size, then I'm definitely going to buy a pair for my little cutie!

2. Birth Stats Print:

I'm in love all the cute birth stat prints I've seen lately. I was recently introduced to the birth stat prints from The Bear's Wares, which is actually a new company started by a mommy friend of mine (go check out her stuff whenever you get a chance). I'm totally gonna buy one of these cuties soon! I have no clue where I'll put it yet, but it's so cute...who could pass it up?!

3. A gym water bottle 

I go to the gym for Zumba all the time & could really use something like this since I'm always running late or just on time for class to start. If I had a water bottle like this that held my gym ID, car keys, etc. it would be so convenient & I'd never have to worry about leaving anything behind.

4. New bedding:

I love this bedding from West Elm & am gonna try to convince the hubbs that he should let me buy some new bedding for our master bedroom! I love the ruffly circles - I just have a thing about ruffles & can't get over how cute this set is! And it's on sale too. :)

5. Art frame for munchkin's masterpieces:

Now that my big girl is in the young toddler room at school, she's always making pretty pictures & I think these would be great to have around to display her art! 
And that's all I got for this week's installment of WIWBW. 'Till next time!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 365 - letters, lessons & laughter for my daughter - week 2

Hi there! Welcome to week 2 of my Project 365! I am so thrilled that {so far} I seem to be keeping up with this & I must say, I'm starting to really love it. I think it'll be so much fun at the end of the year looking back at the photos throughout the year! Here are the photos from this week...

{sneak peek from my BFF's baby shower this past weekend...more deets + a couple tutorials coming soon}

So that's this week! Hopefully I'll continue to keep up with this for the entire year. :) I will be back soon with our house goals/projects for the year, a few party planning tutorials & I'm bringing back my WIWBW series...soon! 'Till next time!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 - lessons, letters & laughter for my daughter

So ever since seeing Jen over @ the Baby Making Machine's 365 Love Letters to her daughter, I wanted to try my hand at doing them for my sweet girl. I even started the project last year...didn't get far, only had what? ONE photo actually done & edited:

Annnnd yeah, so that was the only one! I had taken other pics, but I never got around to editing them & then I just stopped taking photos altogether! Gah. It became overwhelming. But this year is different - me & a group of some close {mommy} friends of mine made a promise to keep each other on the ball with the photos & posts, so I'm trying my hand at it again! Instead of doing all letters to my daughter, I'm doing "lessons, letters & laughter for my daughter" to sort of recap the photos. And this year has already gotten off to a better start, I've finished the first week!! IDK, I guess there's just something about starting with the new year?! Anywho, the plan is to post them weekly on Saturday nights, but it may be on Sundays or maybe even Mondays here & there based on what I got going on, the photos will be taken on whatever camera I have handy - my Nikon, Cannon P&S or my iPhone & I'll be adding the text via Picknik (instead of Photoshop) so you may have to click on the photo to read the text. Oh & there will obvs be 366 pics this year since it's a leap year, but I wanted to keep the title of the project the same. Hopefully y'all will enjoy & maybe even start a Project 365 of your own this year (if you do or have already going, please comment with a link, I'd love to swing by & see yours). :)

And now...I bring you the first installment of my Project 365:

That's all for tonight. 'Till next time!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011...a pictorial year in review!

Hai! Happy New Year everyone!!! How was your night last night...what'd you do?! We went out for dinner & drinks at a local piano bar with a couple friends of ours, then stayed at a hotel while my sister watched the babe {I still call her a baby b/c regardless of how old she is, she'll allllways be my baby}. We had a great time, but I'm happy the holidays are over & a new year is here once again!

As promised, I'm here to deliver my annual photo recap of the past year - forgive me in advance, lots of my pics from last year will be of the munchkin...my life sorta revolved around her last year {and for the rest of my life, ha!}. I can't believe I'm starting my third year of blogging this year! The Dennifers have a lot planned this year, so I can't wait to see what the year brings & I am so honored all of you have decided to join me {or stay with me} for the ride! Anywho, without further adieu, my recap of 2011:


We did absolutely nothing for NYE last year because we had a 2.5 month old, so my favorite & kind of unnerving moment in January was getting Amaya's ears pierced. You can kinda see the pierced ears in this photo of her playing under her activity mat/gym thingy. :)


Amaya trying out her Exersaucer for the first time...

And celebrating the hubbs big 3-0 birthday with friends & family!!


Celebrating our second wedding anniversary {went out for dinner/drinks & a movie}...

Amaya's first St. Patty's Day!

And cheering on our Alma Mater {G-M-U Know!} during the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament!


Amaya's first Easter... :)


My 28th Birthday Brunch...the food was ahhh-mazing!

And Amaya's first trip to the pool Memorial Day weekend 2011...


Dennis' first Father's Day with his Baby AJ!!
{please excuse the photo quality, the lighting was bad in the place we went}

And my first girls trip since Amaya's birth to Montego Bay Jamaica, woot!


Amaya's first modeling "job" ;)


Braving Hurricane Irene & the first earthquake I ever remember in VA all within a week of each other! This pic (shown as originally posted/unedited) was taken the weekend of the "hurricane", which amounted to little more than heavy wind & rain.


FINALLY finishing my very first furniture makeover, yaay!

And the wedding of some close friend's of ours...

And reconnecting with some old friends @ my TEN year high school reunion - eeek!


Celebrating my beautiful Munchkin's first birthday - I can't believe how quickly that year flew by!


Our first family vaca to Disney World!!

Thanksgiving 2011...


Amaya's 2nd Christmas! We have a tradition of letting her open one gift (jammies to wear that night) on Christmas Eve - it's something my mom used to do with us as kiddos & I decided to carry it on with my child{ren}...

{NOTE: this is just a Christmas Eve pic from my phone, I've yet to upload the Christmas morning pics from my cam}

So that wraps up last year for me, hope you enjoyed my stroll back thru my most memorable moments/times in 2011! I am hoping for 2012 to be a very productive year for me & that we can accomplish everything we have planned in the house. Praying that God continues to Bless me & my family...and wishing the same to all of you - my wonderful readers! Can't wait to see what this year holds for us! 'Till next time!