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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy {almost} New Year!!

Sorry guys! I totally forgot to post my annual recap of the past year today...I'll def do it tomorrow morning/afternoon. But for now, happy new year from The Dennifers!!

'TIll next time!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Professional pics from Munchkin's 1st birthday party!

Ummm, yah. I'm totally super late delivering these. Life has been so crazy lately, if it's not one thing, it's another & work has got me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, so I never have time to update during the day. But, one of my 2012 resolutions is to really get back to blogging. We have a bunch of house projects planned for next year, so I should hopefully have a good amount of content to blog about & hopefully some stuff you'll find helpful or that you'll ohhh & ahhh over!

Anywho, I just realized that I never shared some of the professional pics from the munch's birthday party...there were A LOT, I mean like over 200 to choose from, so I'm just going to share a few with y'all so as not to bore you with 5 million pics of my beautiful baby big girl {yes, she's officially a big girl now...more on that later}. I didn't edit them since they are property of the photographer & not mine...

Source/vendors list: photography - a friend I went to college with, Devin Burnette Photography; paper (banner, cupcake toppers, favor tags, stickers) - Ciao Bambino on Etsy; Amaya's bow & bloomers/diaper cover - To Be Stitched on Etsy; Amaya's custom personalized onesie & tutu - Made Cute Just 4 U on Etsy; Amaya's bow leggings - Amy's Buttons & Bows on Etsy; cake - a family friend did it for us :); cupcakes - Cupcakes Actually; decorative balloons & polka dot fruit cups - Shop Sweet LuLu; paper lanterns (in living room) - Luna Bazaar & Party City {pumpkin lanterns}; everything else was either DIY or I'm not thinking of it right now, but if there's something you see or saw in the original post about the big par-tay that I didn't mention in either post, please contact me at worldofdennifer{at}gmail{dot}com & I'll get the info for you stat! Also, don't forget to check out the Pinterest pin board I made for the party - it has lots of inspiration & recipe links. A tutorial for the ribbon topiary is coming up early next year...ya know, since next year is in a mere couple of days. ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with my annual recap of my favorite moments over the year! 'Till next time!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - my Christmas wish list edition

Hiii! I can't believe how quickly time is flying until Christmas - two weeks from Sunday...eek! I still need to buy the hubb's gifts! But today I'm posting a special edition of WIWBW - my holiday gift wish list! So without further adieu, here goes...

1. A Cricut Expression:

This is the crafty woman inside my body's dream gift! Can you imagine all the DIY wall art, banners, cards, etc., etc. I can make with this baby?! It's on my list & has been something I've wanted for a while now, so we'll see if Santa thinks I was a good girl this year!

2. Victoria's Secret PINK lounge pants:

I bought a pair of these pants from VS last time they were on sale & they are one of my favorite pairs of lounge pants! They are seriously some of the comfiest pants I've ever worn & I looove them! If you don't have a pair, buy them & try 'em out...they are a bit pricey for lounge pants, but you won't regret it!

3. A nice GMU degree frame:

This is super embarrassing mainly because I finished undergrad in 2005 & grad school in 2007 & yep, neither degree has ever been framed! Horrible, I know. I have been holding out for really nice frames, but every time I have the money, I buy something else, lol. Soooo, I still need two or one double frame.

4. A bookshelf for my office/craft space:

I need this last piece of furniture to finish up my office/craft space makeover that I started a few months ago. I still have a little decorating of the area to do, but this would be the final piece of major furniture.

5. Create your own New Balance shoes:

There's a kiosk at our local mall to create your own version of New Balances & when I saw it, I thought it was SUPER cool! Such a great way to create a custom pair of shoes that likely no one else will have! I may even give the hubbs a gift certificate so that he can create his own pair for Christmas - something I definitely know he'll enjoy!

That's all I got tonight, I'm exhausted already & it's only Wednesday! 'Till next time!