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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 D&R plans

Hey there! OMG my job is not easing up - it's like every time I clear one thing off my to do list, another thing appears, ugh. anyways - my usual apologies for begin absent. It's so hard being a working mom & full time blogger too! Something's gotta give I suppose, so I do apologize, but I'm sure all you other mamas out there understand? I am planning to eventually get back to blogging a bit more regularly, I just need to figure out a good schedule. So anywho, sorry! I started writing this post back in mid-March & am just now getting around to finishing it. So, without further adieu...

Naturally (sarcasm) since we are in the third fourth month of the year, I decided it's finally about time I posted our D&R plans for our house this year. There is a lot we'd like to do, but unfortunately some of it is expensive, so we are trying to spread out some of the work.
I always like to break up the work by level of the house, so here goes...

Main Level {living room, kitchen/dining room, half bath}

 {Living Room}

{Powder Room}

{Dining Room}


Please 'scuse the old, not good quality pics - not much has changed since these were taken, so I saw no need in taking new pics. Here is what we'd like to do on this level this year (items completed are crossed out):
  • Paint entire level one color
  • Paint ceilings bright white (they are off white now - looks dingy to me)
  • Add long, white/possibly dark brown Ikea (or similar) shelves over couches
  • Considering purchasing new side table(s) or getting rid of them altogether
  • Change out light fixture at top of stairs to lower level
  • Change out half bath brass hardware or spray paint it 
  • Paint or re-finish kitchen cabinets
  • New kitchen faucet & sink
  • New countertops if we can swing 'em financially (I want granite or quartz)
  • Add backsplash in kitchen
  • New light fixtures in kitchen
  • New window treatments for kitchen window (thinking about trying my hand at this DIY roman shade) & sliding glass door
  • New outdoor dining set for deck
Basement/Lower Level {finished living/entertaining area, unfinished laundry area, full bath w/shower only}

{living area}

{full bathroom}
  • Paint entire level one color
  • Paint ceilings bright white
  • Finish office space makeover project (link) {update coming soon}
  • Paint fireplace & decorate mantel
  • Toy storage unit/baskets
  • New decor for bathroom
  • Upper Level {master bed & bath, munchkin's bedroom}
  • (pics)
  • Paint hallway wall same color as the rest of the house
  • Paint ceilings bright white
  • New bookshelf for munchkin
  • New window treatments for munchkin & (possibly) our room
  • New spring/summer bedding for our room

And, on the main level, we just want to paint the ceilings. I think that's it for 2012 & that's a lot! I think it is doable though...minus a few things that may be subject to funding availability. And besides the painting, which my flipping AWESOME {professional painter} uncle is doing for us for F-R-E-E (woot!!!), the most time consuming (read: likely frustrating) thing is probably going to be the kitchen cabinets & backsplash.

We are starting on the main level sometime this month got started on the main level last month & 99.9% of the painting is done, squee! I'll be documenting our progress here as we go along - wish us luck, we're gonna need it! 'Till next time!

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