; World of Dennifer: What I wanna buy Wednesday - my Christmas wish list edition

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - my Christmas wish list edition

Hiii! I can't believe how quickly time is flying until Christmas - two weeks from Sunday...eek! I still need to buy the hubb's gifts! But today I'm posting a special edition of WIWBW - my holiday gift wish list! So without further adieu, here goes...

1. A Cricut Expression:

This is the crafty woman inside my body's dream gift! Can you imagine all the DIY wall art, banners, cards, etc., etc. I can make with this baby?! It's on my list & has been something I've wanted for a while now, so we'll see if Santa thinks I was a good girl this year!

2. Victoria's Secret PINK lounge pants:

I bought a pair of these pants from VS last time they were on sale & they are one of my favorite pairs of lounge pants! They are seriously some of the comfiest pants I've ever worn & I looove them! If you don't have a pair, buy them & try 'em out...they are a bit pricey for lounge pants, but you won't regret it!

3. A nice GMU degree frame:

This is super embarrassing mainly because I finished undergrad in 2005 & grad school in 2007 & yep, neither degree has ever been framed! Horrible, I know. I have been holding out for really nice frames, but every time I have the money, I buy something else, lol. Soooo, I still need two or one double frame.

4. A bookshelf for my office/craft space:

I need this last piece of furniture to finish up my office/craft space makeover that I started a few months ago. I still have a little decorating of the area to do, but this would be the final piece of major furniture.

5. Create your own New Balance shoes:

There's a kiosk at our local mall to create your own version of New Balances & when I saw it, I thought it was SUPER cool! Such a great way to create a custom pair of shoes that likely no one else will have! I may even give the hubbs a gift certificate so that he can create his own pair for Christmas - something I definitely know he'll enjoy!

That's all I got tonight, I'm exhausted already & it's only Wednesday! 'Till next time!