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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project 365 - letters, lessons & laughter for my daughter - weeks 4-5

Yeah, I've totally been slacking posting these - but I'm really trying hard to catch up. I feel like I have soooo much to share with y'all & so little time because of work mainly, but also the munchkin! I remember back in the day, I used to search for things to blog about - now I have lots, but no time! Ugh. Anywho, I have a couple exciting giveaways planned so stay tuned - one I'm previewing tomorrow for WIWBW...such a cool product for the pet lovers out there.

Anywho...in an attempt to catch up, here are weeks 4 & 5 of Project 365 photos. Later this week, I'll be posting the the last ::ahem:: several weeks of Project 365 photos in order to finish catching up. Thanks for being patient with me guys!

Week 4

{Day 27: I decided to keep private - I did take one though, promise!}

Week 5

Annnd now, I'm exhausted! More soon...'till next time!


Life Happens said...

She is so big now! What a cutie pie!

TheCrunchyGemini said...

Oh this is cool! So it's basically just a captioned picture every day?

Jen J. said...

Thanks ladies!
@Crunchy Gemini - yes - I'm just aiming for doing a pic a day & writing a little something to go along with it. I started Jan 1, but you can start anytime!