; World of Dennifer: To Miami or not to Miami???

Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Miami or not to Miami???

Ok, so one thing you should know about me is that I 'effing HEART South Beach Miami. It is seriously one of my favorite cities in the US! I have 3 girlfriends going next weekend & today at happy hour they invited me & said all I would have to pay for is my flight - hotel would be totally FREE! And the hotel is right on the main strip of South Beach!! If you have ever been to South Beach you know how great this offer is - drinks galore, amazing food & grown/sexy clubs! :o) I talked to the Hubbs & he said I deserve it...and we are now TTC & not preggo yet, so what better time than now?! At this point I'm going to sleep on it & decide in the morning...wdyt I should do?!

PS - stay tuned for pics from my BFF's baby shower this past weekend, it was lots 'o fun & she is just about ready to pop!