; World of Dennifer: MIA Update & my BFF's Baby Shower!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MIA Update & my BFF's Baby Shower!

So I made a decision about Miami - I decided not to go. Although it was painful (& believe me it was!), I think it is for the best...it was VERY last minute & I have a lot of other things I need to be saving for right now. The other day the hubbs and I had a convo about our debt & our 1 year plan to pay off some of it. We decided that our goal is to pay off 1 out of 4 of our collective credit cards (the one with the lowest balance), his car loan (only 5 months left, woot!), and our new bedroom furniture within 1 year. In addition, I want to start saving for a baby & get at least 3-6 months of my salary saved up for when I get pregnant and go on maternity leave (I don't have enough paid leave to cover the full 3 months). We also plan on purchasing a new "mommy vehicle" for me sometime early next year - around tax time. Although I was reading Modern Bride the other day (I still have a subscription for some reason) & saw that there is a new tax credit this year for taxes, tags, etc. for any car purchased that is under $49K before the end of the year. I kinda want to just buy it at the end of the year for the tax credit, but I need to talk to the hubbs about it first and see what he thinks. Honestly, I don't NEED a car right now, my 2000 Honda Civic is still chugging along, but I really, really WANT one & if we do have kids soon I will need something bigger to tote the little one around in. The top 3 SUVs I am thinking of getting are: Buick Enclave, a GMC Acadia or an Acura MDX, but I'm open to others. I am going to do lots of market research & test drive anything I am interested in before we make a decision.

In other news, I mentioned that I would post pics from one of my BFF's baby shower, which I helped host. All in all it turned out nice...it was co-ed shower and the theme was "N's Lovely in Lavender Baby Shower" - so everything was lavender or purple, including the hostess' & soon-to-be-parent's outfits! Here are a few shots from the day:

*My beautiful, very pregnant BFF*
*Me & N in our purple attire*
*The mommy & daddy to be opening their gifts*
*The couple & hostesses*
*The cake & favor tables*

They got soooo much stuff they needed & wanted! After the shower I helped take everything over to their house & we organized some of the baby stuff & also helped put up the baby's wall decal monogram in her lavender nursery (totally forgot to take a pic). Most importantly, my friend had a wonderful day & she deserved it...she's due in early September, so hopefully I will be posting pics of her beautiful baby girl soon!!