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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our perfect baby girl is here!

And we are so in love! Please welcome our teeny little cutie:

Amaya Jade
Born Thursday, October 14, 2010
4 lbs. 13 oz.
17.5 inches

We are both doing well...more pics & birth story coming soon!


The Domestic Princess said...


Allison said...

Congratulations! Super cute and love her name! :)

Mrs. Emmypants said...

Congrats Jen!!

Adrian Ryce said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I just recently stumbled upon your blog but I'm so happy for you and hope you and Amaya are doing well!

Also, Amaya is becoming quite a popular name, 2 of my nieces born last year were given that name, but with very different spellings.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know you were not expecting her so soon but now that she is here be sure to enjoy her.


Life Happens said...

Congrats!! She is tiny and adorable!

Jeni said...


Kristina Ruth said...

Wow! Congrats!

MAK-now said...


I've been a bit out of the loop but I check your site often. I'm so happy for you!! You're going to love being a mom. Can't wait to see all the stuff you make for her!! LOL!!

Take care!