; World of Dennifer: Pottery Barn Christmas stockings + free PB coupon code for 1 lucky reader!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pottery Barn Christmas stockings + free PB coupon code for 1 lucky reader!!

Hi there everyone! No, I have not totally dropped off the face of the earth, just not too much DIY'ing or D&R'ing going on 'round here lately. I can't BELIEVE how busy one little person can make your life. And she's already 1 month old (err...umm, NB pics coming soon :), so I just know I'll blink and she'll be crawling, then walking, then...well being all grown up. ::tears::

But this post is not all about my cutie, it's about one of my fav.o.rite stores EVER - Pottery Barn. Ahhh, just getting a PB or PBK {Pottery Barn Kids for the non-PB lovers out there ::wink::} catalog makes my heart go pitter patter. So a few weeks back I got this email from PB saying the 10% off coupon code they sent me in my catalog was incorrect, so they were giving me a new one. I didn't even know there was one in my catalog!? I've still yet to find that code, but I just got the new Christmas catalog, so I'll closely inspect that one. Well, I was So excited to get that coupon because as some of you may know, PB gives out coupon codes very very few & far between. So, I did what any PB/PBK-aholic would do...I bought something because I couldn't bear to let the coupon code go to waste {oh, the horror!}. I had been eying their Christmas stockings since last Christmas, but decided against buying them because we don't really stuff stockings 'round here. But, ever since Baby AJ made her appearance, it's made me want to add in some new holiday traditions that my family did when I was growing up. So, this year I'm adding in stockings, next year we'll add in the cookies & milk for Santa!

And once I saw that PB was offering free shipping & personalization on select holiday items (they still have the free shipping offer) a couple weeks ago, plus I had that 10% off, those stockings were as good as sold! Check out the cuties I selected:

You can even preview the personalization on their site, so I made sure to do that before purchasing them. And since it's the season of giving - after I bought the stockings & they shipped, I got another surprise 10% off coupon code in the mail from PB. Since the hubbs strictly limits my PB purchases per year, I am not going to use it & I'd hate to see it go to waste, so the first reader who emails me at worldofdennifer{at}gmail{dot}com can have it! It expires on November 20, 2010 though, so hurry & contact me if you want it! :) 'Till next time.