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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010...a pictorial year in review!

Time certainly flies these days. I can hardly believe tomorrow is the final day of 2010! It was such an awesome & blessed year for the Dennifers...I can't believe it's almost over, but I'm ready for 2011. I loved doing this year in review last year, I think it's a great way to wrap things up. So without further adieu, here are my most favorite moments from 2010:


Ringing in New Years 2010! This was our EIGHTH time ringing in the new year as a couple - looking forward to many many more!

Our fraternity brother & sorority sister's wedding!

And my BFF's baby shower. :)


Getting my BFP!!! Wooo :)

And the hubbs 29th birthday dinner at Medieval Times - it's also the same night I got my first BFP. :)


Our first wedding anniversary & NY trip!
{cutting the top tier of our wedding cake, which btw was still YUMMY}

{in times square in NY}


Announcing our big news to everyone!


And finding out we were on team pink. :)

And my little {sorority} sister's college graduation party!

 My baby sister's high school graduation!

And my good friend's wedding...


My BFF's bridal shower

My dad finally finishing up & getting his high school diploma - my parents were VERY young when they had my older sister & so neither of them actually finished high school on time. So proud of my dad!

And my BFF's wedding!!


The VA Tech/Boise State Game!

Baby AJ's first baby shower!!


Finishing one of my fave rooms in our house - the nursery!

My 2nd baby shower!!

My 3rd & final baby shower @ my office!!

And of course - *top moment of the year*...the day our little miracle was born!! :)


My baby's first Thanksgiving. :)


And her first Christmas!

Ahh 2010, great awesome year. Filled with lots of ups & downs, but mostly joy. I'm ready for a new year, with my family, friends & loved ones! The hubb's 30th birthday is this coming February & I am planning a BIG surprise shin-dig at a local piano bar. I hope I can pull it off - it's so difficult to surprise him. And of course, our 2nd anniversary - which I always look forward to! We are also planning a big home renovation project (more on that coming soon), our first family vacation & of course my little sweetie's 1st birthday! Thanks to all of you for reading & providing support over the year - I love my blog friends!! Here's wishing you & your families a very happy & safe new year! 'Till next time!


Abby said...

I love the year recap!! Great spot to jump into your blog and get all caught up! :) And Amaya is gorgeous!! I'm excited to get to see so many more pics of her!