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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amaya 6-7 months!

Wowza. Did I type that right, 7 months already?! She's actually almost 8 months & I tell ya what, every passing day she's doing something new & getting big sooo quickly. It makes me sad my little baaay-be is growing up so quickly, but of course, I'm happy that she is doing well & healthy. I can't believe that in a little over 4 months, my munchkin will be ONE YEAR OLD! Ugh. I can't believe it.

Side note - sorry I missed WIWB Wednesday yesterday (yeah umm, I def started writing this on Thursday :o/), I was SO busy at work this week because we have this crazy re-organization happening next week & we JUST found out on Tuesday, so we are scrambling to get lose ends tied up. It is pretty drastic & I don't want to get into all the details because I'm still absorbing the news myself, but basically that rotational I am/was doing for that possible promotion, well let's just say I'm still doing the work but I'm preeety positive that the promotion is not gonna happen for me or anyone else that was in the running. It sucks because I busted my arse working hard on the rotational, but hey, I'm trying to be positive & just see it as a good learning experience & something awesome for my resume. Note the word trying, it's a process. ;)  But back to WIWB, I actually bought a couple things for the munchkin yesterday from my fave spot - PBK!

I got her this really teeny personalized preschool backpack for her birthday {yes I realize it's over 4 months away, but they have a great sale right now!}:

Isn't it adorbs? And at $19.99 (without personalization), I couldn't resist! I got it personalized for $7 more. More on her birthday party plans & other possible gifts later, but I just wanted to share this cutie & the deets on the sale.

You may just think I'm a little crazy for the next thing {lawd knows my husband does}, but I couldn't pass up the deal & I'd been wanting this next thing. Spring/summer crib bedding. Yep, seasonal bedding, for my 7.5 month old lol. Well, this is how it happened - so I was buying the little backpack & decided to check out PBK's sales & saw their super cute "Spring Bouquet" set {bumper, sheet, crib skirt} set that will coordinate well with the colors in her room for $59.99. Yes, you read that right, under $60 for a PBK bedding set. And, of course, I couldn't pass it up:

Under $60! ::dies:: Annnywho, I digress. Back to the original purpose of this post...

So last time I did one of these updates, I mentioned that we had begun searching for daycares to enroll munchkin in when she turns 1, but we (along with my sister) decided to actually get her started at just about 9 months now, so that's NEXT MONTH. I am so nervous, but I am just hoping she takes to it well. We finally did find a place that we both really love & feel comfortable taking her, and it is not gonna break the bank so that's good. We get one free day before she starts full time, but I haven't decided when to use it...likely closer to her first day, which is...drum roll please ::cue drums::...July 11th. I'm excited, but scared. I just hope she does okay & doesn't completely lose it when I leave her for the first time. Sigh. Talk about major anxiety provoking event!

Here are her 6 & 7 month pics - she's getting so big:

And her 0-5 months for comparison's sake...

{6 month outtakes}

{And 7 month outtakes}

In the last pic, it looks like she's saying, what mama?! I love that baby! But seriously, can you believe how big she is now?! She looks like a little lady now, haha. I feel like she's starting to look more & more like her daddy, booo. I mean, he's cute & all, but I want her to look more like her mama! Ha!

So since I never updated after her 6 month appointment, her official 6 month weight was 14 lbs. 4.5 oz. (50th %tile) & she was 24.5 inches (15th %tile)!! She is catching up on the charts, woo! My little chunker as I like to call her. I'm guessing she's about 16 lbs. or so now. She shortly wore 3-6 month clothes & is now fully in 6-9 months or 6-12 months in certain brands, like Gymboree & Gap. She wears a size 2 shoe now & we are starting to stock up on cute little shoes between my sister, my friends who gave us hand me down shoes & her daddy & I. She also got her second pair of earrings recently! Little "diamond" butterflies courtesy of her daddy. :) Speaking of "that guy" as I say to AJ, they are SO cute together, it seriously makes me melt when I see him talking & playing with her....love them!

Her night time sleep is still pretty good on most nights, but her napping hasn't gotten much better unfortunately. Ideally, she'd take a decent nap (1 hour or so) in the morning & a long (about 2 hours) nap in the afternoon, but it rarely happens that way, sigh. Sometimes she'll do something close to that, but more often than not, she takes about 3 40 min. or so naps. It sucks b/c it's hard to plan stuff or get anything done while she's napping when her naps are so.freakin.short. Eh. Oh & my hypothesis about darkening the room - not correct, they didn't help much to lengthen her naps. too bad we found that out after dropping over $400 on custom shades + installation! So, I hope once she starts daycare that her naps will be better since I'm sure she'll be exhausted. I know it won't happen at first, but I'm hoping they get better after she adjusts. Annnd speaking of daycare, she starts July 11th. :( My sister is getting burnt out driving all the way to our house every morning & quite frankly, I kinda want her to start, for lots of reasons, one of which being because I'm nervous that the older she gets, the worse her {or my!}separation anxiety will be. We really like the center we chose for her though & I plan to visit often at least at the beginning. I just hope she adjusts quickly & likes it there.

As for her nighttime sleep, she is now going down between 7:30pm & 8:30pm - sometimes earlier or later, but I try to keep it in between that window of time.  She normally (unless she's not feeling well or if she's having an off night) sleeps between 9-11 hours at a time, then sometimes we'll give her a bottle & she'll fall back asleep for another hour or so. I'm nervous to see how/if her night sleep will be effected when she starts daycare. I really really want to avoid having to wake her up in the mornings (especially since nighttime is her only really good sleep), so I may end up changing my hours so I can go in to the office a bit later. We have a flex time option, so I may look into it. One thing I really don't want to give up is my every other Friday off since the hubbs has the same day off & we normally get to spend time together as a family on those days.

Another big "first" over the last couple months is that she started solids! She started right around 6 months & her first food was apples, homemade by her mama. I make all her food, except cereal & snacks. I don't think I have the patience to make baby biscuits or rice/oatmeal cereal, so I just buy it. Everything else, I make! Maybe I'll do a post about that one day soon, but it saves us LOTS of money & I actually really enjoy being able to know exactly what's going in my kids mouth. I make mostly organic, unless I read it's unnecessary to buy organic. So far the munchkin has had (in no particular order): apples, avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, plums, peaches, green beans, peas, bananas, plus oatmeal & rice baby cereal, mum mums & puffs. And she's doing solids 3 times per day + 24-26 ounces of formula per day.  I give her little bites of my food here & there as well, stuff like bread, waffles, etc. She is teething hardcore, so she loves chomping on frozen fruit in those mesh feeders - loves it! And she got her first set of teeth - the middle 2 on the bottom!! Right around 7 months, I felt inside her mouth & felt the sharp tips of teeth! They both popped out about the same time! She's getting so big. Sigh.

As far as milestones, she sits pretty well unassisted, still hates tummy time. She still doesn't quite roll from back to tummy when laying on a flat surface. If she's slightly elevated, then she can do it, but not from laying flat. And she lifts herself off her tummy, but definitely doesn't even try to crawl. We still don't do much tummy time because of her reflux, which is getting better, but still not completely resolved. She still "talks" a lot & even raises her voice when she gets sleepy, ha! It's so cute when she yells! I'm sure it won't be for long, but it is now! And I think that's it for this go round - more next time & hopefully I can get back to doing these monthly. Only a little more than 4 months left till her first birthday, guess I should get planning. Sigh. 'Till next time!