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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY summer wreath + my little model :)

So my errr spring summer wreath for our front door has been done for a little while now, but I just have been SUPER busy & unable to post about it, so ::drum roll:: here it is in all it's burlap & fabric flower glory:

{another view}

In retrospect, I should have taken more close-u p pics of it...FAIL. But, WDYT?! I love the way it turned out. I would have liked to do more fabric flowers, but they take so long to make & I thought the amount on I have on it look good too. Anywho, to make my wreath, I used this tutorial for the base & this one for the flowers - both have great step-by-step directions that are super easy to follow. This is my very first DIY project since Baby AJ got here! It gave me back the DIY itch, but unfortunately, my job has cruelly STOLEN my itch away. I am literally ex.haus.ted everyday after work, but the good news is - stuff is about to slow down because my workload is being reduced, ha! Thank freakin' goodness.

Soooo, that means I should be back in full blogging effect soon!

PS - I recently registered my little pumpkin with Adora Models, so now she's an official model! It's a pretty cool service, vendors/shop/boutique owners send your kid their products to model, they model it & you take a bunch of pics (or have them taken by a professional photog). Then, send them the pics for their website/shop & your little one gets to keep the gear/items. If you're interested in signing up your little one, just contact the girl's from Adora Models & tell them I sent you! Oh & if you're a shop owner & you'd like a {really, reeeeeeeeeeeeeally} cute baby to model you're stuff, please contact Adora Models & request "Amaya J." in the girls 0-12 months category - it's free to shop owners!! Here's a little look at her model card:

She hams it up for the camera, lol. Love her! 'Till next time!


Life Happens said...

Pretty wreath! Beautiful baby! I call my baby 'pumpkin' too! I'll have to look into that model service for Matthew. There's not as much for baby boys to model as there are for baby girls since boys don't wear bows in their hair. Although I'm loving bowties for my little guy!

The Scott's Crib said...

O my goodness...she is just so cute:)

IVF Again! said...

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!

The DIY Show Off said...

If I had a shop, she'd be modeling for the DIY Show Off. She is super cute! Such a pretty expressive face and big beautiful eyes (and those irresistible chubby cheeks). Love her! ;)