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Friday, July 10, 2009

Front Yard Reveal!

I have been a bad blogger, my excuse - not much going on over here in the World of Dennifer. But now I'm back & *hopefully* in full D&R effect. One thing you may not know about me - I HATE any landscaping/yard work related chores (not very fond of dirt or bugs, lol) -uggh, so this makeover has been a long time coming. Our yard used to look like a forest - I even called it the forest...weeds & bushes all over! Poor Mr. tried to keep it under control, but it was just wild!! Here is the before:

...And, ::drum roll please:: here is the after:

I helped out a little with this project (pulled weeds by trees, moved one plant & put it in better location, planted a new little bush & picked out the solar lights), but Mr. did most of the work, so a little kiss for a job well done!

We are going shopping for our Master Bed furniture this weekend & I'm hoping to convince the hubbs to buy it - Room Store has a great financing offer going on right now & I desperately wanna get the bedroom done (or at least started) on the painting of our bedroom. PS - black furniture is EXPENSIVE, so I'll keep you updated!


Karli @ RockyBella said...

oh Im in love! I adore white houses with siding and black accents. Just a dream. UGH, yard work is such a pain in the @**! Good for you! It looks amazing. I wish the exterior of my house looked like that!

Jenniferina said...

So pretty! Love the graceful lines.