; World of Dennifer: I know, I know...I have been slacking

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I know, I know...I have been slacking

..on blogging that is. Well the truth is we have been slow to finish up our current DIY project - the Master Bedroom, but it's pretty much done & I'm soooo excited, b/c it looks AMAZ-ing!! DH just finished putting up the bookshelf/turned TV stand last night & the final thing we need to do before doing the unveiling is putting up the photo gallery on the wall over the bed. I also need to buy the birdie-related decor to finish up everything, but I can't wait that long to unveil our big MB makeover. I am hoping to have after pics posted tomorrow or Monday at the latest...believe me it's worth the wait!

In other news...the hubbs & I have decided to start TTC. This is our 1st cycle off BCP, so hopefully we won't have too many. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers...and hopefully eventually this blog will be a mix of our DIY/home improvement projects & a baby blog - woot woot!

Anywho, stay turned for the MB pics soon & then on to the Master Bath updates, I'm really wanting to do a frame around the big mirror & paint the vanity black - here is my inspiration for this project from fellow Nestie's blog: The Proudfeet. LOVE it!