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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I've been up to!

I really haven't been doing much DIY or D&R for the house because we are trying to save money/get some other stuff done so that we can reach the financial goals I talked about few blog posts back. But this weekend, we had a little extra money so I decided to get the last few big things I need for the finishing touches to our MB. If you recall from my previous post about our MB, I am going for a birdie themed room...nothing too over the top, still reserved, but definitely birdie touches. So, this weekend I went out and bought few things to finalize the room! I spent about $250 total on drapes, curtain rods, a CUTE birdcage candle holder from Pier One & a vase with little glass birdies on the top edge - here are the last 2 items, WDYT?:

*birdcage candle holder*
*birdie vase*

Last weekend I also bought some cute pillar holders & a birdie bowl from target. I didn't take a pic, but hopefully the hubbs will get the drapes up tonight & I will be sure to take a pic of that stuff with the rest of the room. I'm also working on my very first set of DIY wall art with silhouettes of birdies on canvas that I painted...hopefully it turns out good ::crosses fingers::! I hope to finish that up tonight or tomorrow & then I will post photos of that. Lastly, I need to figure out what fillers I want to put in the apothecary jar & birdie vase - probably a birds nest in one & dried flowers in the other.

I also bought some rugs & coordinating towels for our powder room from Burlington CF this weekend. I forgot to put the before pics of this room up, but I basically only added the wall art (from our honeymoon) & the rugs/towel. Although they are only small touches, I think it really warms up the room. Eventually we want to replace the mirror & vanity and of course replace all of the outdated brass fixtures...but we need to do that throughout the house, so we are trying to finish the small stuff first.

Stay tuned for the updated MB pics & my new DIY fall decor project - I haven't quite decided on it yet, but I know it'll involve pumpkins in some manner! I also am looking into buying a new laptop soon & we are starting to browse for my new car soon...so many exciting things coming up! And in closing, I just wanna say that I 'effing love the fall & I'm soo happy it's now right around the corner, woot!