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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is it REALLY Dec. 1st already?!

Wowza...this year has literally FLOWN by! I guess we have had soo much going on what with the wedding preperation, the wedding itself, honeymoon, big time house D&R projects, buying me a new car, etc., etc. I can't believe there is less than 30 days till Christmas & just about a month till 2010! Can we pump the breaks please?!

Usually I would have had the house all decorated by now, but this past weekend of hosting Thanksgiving made me very very lazy! We still have yet to buy a tree - trying to convince the hubbs to go pick up one today! We originally planned to go with a fresh tree this year, but I just think we are going to purchase a nicer artificial now...it'll just be easier with Dizzle & everything. I bought a bunch of blue bulbs to make a bulb wreath, but then decided against doing it because it'll seriously impede the storm door from shutting, so I was planning on using them to decorate the tree. But, I'm doing mostly whites, reds & silvers thru out the decor for the house, so, on second thought, I may try to see if Walmart will let me exchange those blue bulbs for red or silver (I don't think I have the receipt anymore)! I did get over to Michael's this past weekend though & bought some stuff to make a DIY wreath for our front door & bought some goodies to decorate the rest of the house too!

First up on my list of things to get done around the house - finish my wreath. I really, really tried finishing it yesterday, but by the time I completely decided on what I wanted to do, I had to get dinner started, then I lounged out for an hour or so watching TV, then did a little work on the wreath, but got too tired to continue, so I plan on finishing it today after work. I got my loose inspiration for the wreath from this PB beaut:

I say "loose" inspiration b/c mine will not look much like this except the fact that it's faux pine with bulbs. It does not have a name plate, does not have as many bulbs as this one (due to the aforementioned storm door issue) & I added in a few pine cones & a big red bow. Hopefully it turns out okay!

Second on the list - my living room table. It had a nice fall-y colored candy dish with a bunch of candy left over from Halloween, but I took that off & add three of these cute Ikea lanterns:

I got them in white & added some red & silver jingle bells to two of them & the other I added little teeny pine cones & some faux pine twigs from our our Christmas tree (that is getting thrown out today). I may add some of the red tea light holders I bought from Ikea as well.

For the entryway table, which is actually between the LR & DR, I plan on doing something similar to this:

I already have the frames, paper & berry trim, so I just need to put it all together. Again, something I plan on working on/having done sometime between tonight & tomorrow.

I am going to add some faux white poinsettias to the Pier One vase that is displayed on top of our kitchen cabinets. And speaking of Pier One - I stopped in there on Black Friday & bought some cute Santa & snow man figurines & put those up on the fireplace mantle in the basement. And finally, I added some cute gingerbread man dish towels to hang from the oven in the kitchen.

So, that's about it - hopefully I will have some pictures of *completed* projects to share in the next day or two! And I still have to get pmb ALL of my Christmas shopping done! Most wonderful time of year right?!!


The DIY Show Off said...

I can't wait to see it all! I know it's going to be gorgeous! :)

I have to do all of my shopping too. Ugh. How did it get to be December already?

Thanks so much for your votes Jen! You know your support (always) means so much to me! I couldn't do it without you! ;)