; World of Dennifer: What I wanna buy Wednesday - 07.06.11

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 07.06.11

Hola friends! So now that I finally got my workload partially reduced, it's our busy time at work. But, I am committed to blogging more regularly. I miss it & miss interacting with all my blog friends. So, I'm back in full effect. I even have a new project makeover series (kinda like I did with munchkin's nursery) coming up later this week or early next, so excited to tell y'all about it!! But, for now, I'm checking in with another installment of WIWBW, woot!

So here's what I wanna buy this week:

1. A cute, colorful, modern & funky lamp:

I dunno if it's because it's summer or if it's just my love of aqua, turquoise, teal & all other colors close to those that family of colors, but I am lurving all the funky, colorful  table lamps I've been seeing lately. Love! And today I just happened to wander into good 'ol HomeGoods & found a little beaut that I couldn't resist - more on that lata because it's going to make an appearance in my new project makeover series!

2. PBK rolling luggage:

In November the Dennifers are heading on our first *family* vaca & I want to get the munchkin her own little rolling suitcase. I'm sure she doesn't actually need it, but how freakin' cute, right?! We shall see if the hubbs will let me buy it, ha!

Uhhhmmm, side note - 

Dear PBK, please make luggage in your newest to-die-for pattern, "Chocolate Bird": 
 I REALLY L-O-V-E it & would like to get my little AJ some rolling luggage in that pattern please!
3. A lacy, vintage looking headband for Baby AJ:

I plan waaay too far ahead,  but I already have munchkin's outfit for her 12 month photo shoot. It's one of those cute lace rompers - it's cream, got it on Baby Steals a little while back for a great price! Anyways, while perusing one of my favorite Etsy shops for headbands, I saw this little lovely, it'll go perfectly with her outfit! Hopefully it'll still be available once I get around to purchasing it. ;op

4. LON Low Rider Bookcase:

I've been drooling over this bookcase ever since I saw it. It's such a perfect bookcase for a certain little wee one's nursery! She has this one from Target, but I'm kinda over it. The bottom cubby shelf that extends out has never stayed put despite what my hubby does to make it stay there. so hers only has the one cubby section. And besides that, this one from Land Of Nod is super duper cute with lots of storage space...something I predict we'll be needing more of in the near future!

5. A cute, whimsy throw pillow for my new project:

Bahahaha, IDK why I'm being so tight lipped about my new project, I guess I just don't want to take away from my first post in the project makeover series...I want it to be good for you guys, lol. But anyways, this little darling would sure be a cute accent piece for my newest project! I may be making my way to Pier One this weekend. 

And that's my list for this week. Stay tuned for the intro on my newest project makeover series coming up soon + I promise to post some pics from my Jamaica trip too! My laptop charger died, so I had to get a new one before I could upload the pics, which we just got yesterday, so I promise...they're coming soon! 'Till next time!