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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 - lessons, letters & laughter for my daughter

So ever since seeing Jen over @ the Baby Making Machine's 365 Love Letters to her daughter, I wanted to try my hand at doing them for my sweet girl. I even started the project last year...didn't get far, only had what? ONE photo actually done & edited:

Annnnd yeah, so that was the only one! I had taken other pics, but I never got around to editing them & then I just stopped taking photos altogether! Gah. It became overwhelming. But this year is different - me & a group of some close {mommy} friends of mine made a promise to keep each other on the ball with the photos & posts, so I'm trying my hand at it again! Instead of doing all letters to my daughter, I'm doing "lessons, letters & laughter for my daughter" to sort of recap the photos. And this year has already gotten off to a better start, I've finished the first week!! IDK, I guess there's just something about starting with the new year?! Anywho, the plan is to post them weekly on Saturday nights, but it may be on Sundays or maybe even Mondays here & there based on what I got going on, the photos will be taken on whatever camera I have handy - my Nikon, Cannon P&S or my iPhone & I'll be adding the text via Picknik (instead of Photoshop) so you may have to click on the photo to read the text. Oh & there will obvs be 366 pics this year since it's a leap year, but I wanted to keep the title of the project the same. Hopefully y'all will enjoy & maybe even start a Project 365 of your own this year (if you do or have already going, please comment with a link, I'd love to swing by & see yours). :)

And now...I bring you the first installment of my Project 365:

That's all for tonight. 'Till next time!


Renée said...

Your daughter is such a doll! I love Day 3, good luck with the rest of the year!