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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 01.18.12

Hi! This week has been crazy with work & what not as usual. I have soo many posts that I have planned & I just can never find the time in my day to get them up. Starting next week though, I am going to be in class for work for two weeks, so I'll {hopefully have more free time to blog}. :) Annnywho, here's this week's installment of WIWBW:

1. Tiny Toms

I got a couple pairs of Toms courtesy of the hubbs & ever since I've been lusting over a pair for my mini me! Aren't they just freakin' adorbs?! I think I'm going to wait until she grows into the next size, then I'm definitely going to buy a pair for my little cutie!

2. Birth Stats Print:

I'm in love all the cute birth stat prints I've seen lately. I was recently introduced to the birth stat prints from The Bear's Wares, which is actually a new company started by a mommy friend of mine (go check out her stuff whenever you get a chance). I'm totally gonna buy one of these cuties soon! I have no clue where I'll put it yet, but it's so cute...who could pass it up?!

3. A gym water bottle 

I go to the gym for Zumba all the time & could really use something like this since I'm always running late or just on time for class to start. If I had a water bottle like this that held my gym ID, car keys, etc. it would be so convenient & I'd never have to worry about leaving anything behind.

4. New bedding:

I love this bedding from West Elm & am gonna try to convince the hubbs that he should let me buy some new bedding for our master bedroom! I love the ruffly circles - I just have a thing about ruffles & can't get over how cute this set is! And it's on sale too. :)

5. Art frame for munchkin's masterpieces:

Now that my big girl is in the young toddler room at school, she's always making pretty pictures & I think these would be great to have around to display her art! 
And that's all I got for this week's installment of WIWBW. 'Till next time!


Jessica M. said...

I love the ruffled bedding too!

Miche said...

The tiny Toms are adorable. I was just looking at them for my DD the other day.