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Saturday, October 31, 2009

And then there was light!

My Hubby recently installed the new light fixture we purchased for our main entryway. Nothing too exciting, but it definitely makes a big difference.

Here are a couple befores:

Ewww...old, gold/brassy fixture that was almost certainly original to the house, which was built back in 1994. I HATE brass - it is my mortal enemy & I am slowly waging & winning the battle of the brass in this house. Literally EVERYTHING is brass - I mean the fixtures, door knobs, towel bar in the powder room, door/cabinet hardware on the kitchen cabinets...everything. So, we are slowly, but surely switching out everything for things with a shiny nickle/silver finish.

So, without further adieu - here are the afters:

Light, woot! PS - please ignore the outline of the old fixture on the ceiling - I have a request in to my uncle to paint our ceilings. He is a professional painter & frankly, I just REALLY don't want to paint the ceilings...I'm a little scared & a lot of "I just don't feel up to it". Contrary to what one might think, I hate painting altogether really. Anywho, the fixture was from Lowes for like $30 & I like it a lot more than what we had before - it's a lot more modern, uses energy efficient bulbs & is much brighter!

In other D&R news, we are hard at work (at least we will be come tomorrow morning) on our MBath re-do! I got the over the toilet storage nook in from Overstock the other day & I'm excited for everything to come together.

Happy Halloween!!! Stay safe tonight. :o)


The DIY Show Off said...

The new light looks awesome! Guess what we just did today too? Yep! Changed out 2 light fixtures. And yep - gold brassy ugliness! haha

I loathe painting ceilings too. I always get Mr. DIY (the giant) to do it. He makes it look so easy...but I know the truth. haha

Can't wait to see the bathroom makeover! That's what we're working on too. We're so alike - it's scary, huh?

Have a great week!


MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

I love your new light, and especially that beautiful brown on your wall by the door... NICE! We're in the middle of finishing up our basement and I'm trying to decorate with champagne tastes and juice box money! LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by MyBrownBaby today—I'm glad you did!

Hope in Virginia said...

The light looks great - we also got rid of all the brass in our place. Definitely like brushed nickel or something like that better. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always nice to meet a fellow NOVA girl.