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Monday, February 1, 2010

Living Room Updates!

IDK if you remember what our LR looked like before, here is a reminder:

I can honestly say that I loved my LR. I liked the colors & everything, but as soon as winter came around, the deep oranges were no longer working for me. I felt like we needed something a bit more neutral. So I made a few small changes & wha-lah...looks like a whole new room:

In the photo above, you can see that I added insulated curtains from JCP in ivory beige. These curtains were such an awesome buy. They were inexpensive & definitely good quality. The window they are on tends to be a little drafty b/c the spring thingy on it is messed up (we need to get it fixed), but when you close those drapes, the draft is GONE! They are awesome.I also used JCP's Ancient Broze Clip Rings to hang them - 14 did the trick!

Under the wedding photo, next to our front door, I added the Target Storage Ottoman in dark brown. It was originally $80, but when I went to the store, they were on sale for $65 & I found a damaged one on the shelf (nothing the hubby couldn't quickly repair), and got $15 off!! The dark brown pillows on top, I purchased a few months ago at Burlington, for about $7 each, but I'll include them in the cost for this makeover. And the small paisley print pillows on the couch & ottoman were $13 for the pair at Home Goods.

The candles/pillar holders to the right of the TV, I used to have in my DR, so those were re-purposed & use here to add a little something to the entertainment center. IDK if you can see it well in this picture, but the remote caddy (awesome invention!) is so great because it keeps the THREE remotes we have to the TV/entertainment system/Verizon Fios Box all neatly in one location....it evens comes with a set of four leather coasters, which is great for me since I loathe when people sit sweating glasses on wood tables! And it was only $20 from B,B&B! We used one of our 20% off coupons we got in the mail & saved $4!

I got this pretty new white framed mirror from Home Goods for $30, which was a steal b/c it is really high quality & pretty sturdy. I put it in the entryway between my LR & DR, right across from my entryway table & I think it's a perfect fit in this area.

The sign I got for free from an awesome blog friend's giveaway! I decided to keep it on the table until I decide on something else to put there. :oP

New for 2010 at the World of Dennifer, I am going to start providing a cost break down on my makeovers b/c I thought it may be helpful to some of you interested in doing something similar somewhere in your home. So here is the cost break down for this mini-makeover:
  • Curtain panels: $35/pair
  • Clip rings: $20
  • Storage ottoman: $50
  • Dark brown throw pillows: $14/pair ($7/ea)
  • Paisley print pillows: $13/pair
  • Remote caddy: $16
  • Mirror: $30
  • TOTAL: $178
So what do you think? I really like it & the LR feels a bit larger now with the couches rearranged, so that's an added plus! And at less than $200, I think these small changes made a huge difference in my LR!


Hope in Virginia said...

Love the make-over! You should be an interior designer :)

You asked over at my blog about the wall dots...I ordered them off Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002NFJ5X8/ref=ox_ya_oh_product)

Monica the Bride said...

Love it all!

Just stopping by to say you won yesterday's prize from the KNET Team blog! Go check it out for details on how to claim your prize.


mrs.messi said...

Hey, wanted to let you know you are a winner on KNET!


Hope you get this today and can respond to them!

Adar said...

looks good