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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My very 1st blog award!! :o)

Yay, yay, yay! I am so thrilled to have won my *first ever* blog award - given to me by Lisa over at mrs. messi's musings! Lisa has become a great Nestie friend & fellow NOVA girl!  I started following her blog once she set it up - she blogs about lots of great stuff, including books recs & her upcoming little bundle of joy!! Thanks so much for giving me this award Lisa - it means so much to me! :o)

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. I am now going to pass along the sunshine and present this award to some of my favorite bloggers who make my day "A Sunshine Day!"

The rules, once this award is received, are as follows:
1. Post the logo on blog
2. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers
3. Link the nominees blogs so other can get to know them
4. Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to the person who received this award from.

Thanks again Lisa for nominating me!

I follow sooo many amazing blogs of women (and a couple men too!) from all walks of life - it was so difficult to pick just 12! Some of them I have been following for a while, some I just discovered. But they all have one thing is common - they are all positive and uplifting ladies! BTW, to anyone I did not list, please know that if i follow your blog, i def get something out of it, so thanks for doing what you do!

Congrats to all my Sunshine Award Winners! Pass it along!


kermiefrg said...

Congrats on your first award! I've never been on that blog before, but I'll check it out tonight!

Jen J. said...

Thanks! Def. go check her out!

mary'smom said...

How exciting! Congratulations!