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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My awesome CL find!

I apologize for being a bit absent from the blog. We are doing fine, but I have been super busy at work & have had a lot weighing on my mind lately. And, unfortunately, I haven't been DIY'ing or crafting as much, so I'm sometimes at a loss on what to post. But, one thing I have been working on lately is finding a newish desk to refinish or paint. I was looking for a desk that met the following criteria:

  1. Cheap
  2. Wood
  3. Ability to fit in a small space, but have sufficient storage space.
  4. Cheap (opps, did I mention that already?!)
So, off to Criag's List I went to search the hundreds of desks posted there every day & I saw a cute, small desk that looked perfect for my project! And, the best part about it?! It was only $25 for the desk & a small wood chair that came with it! So, I shot the seller an email & couldn't believe she actually still had it for that price. We headed over a couple days later to scoop up this awesome find. Oh, the awesomeness...can't take it. Behold:

 (This is the seller's image)

Isn't it so cute?! Doesn't it have so much potential?! I'm excited for several reasons about this, but mainly b/c it's the first piece of furniture I'll be re-doing for my house, yipee!! So, in the next few days, I need to decide if I want to re-finish or paint it, pick out colors, then get to sanding. It'll be going in our basement, at the bottom of the stairway & I have lots 'o plans for this to be my new & improved craft area. A huge step up from my current one, which is basically just a blue plastic bin at the end of my guest bed (I'll have to take a pic of that one day for you guys), lol. I'll keep you guys appraised of the situation! And, thanks for hanging in there with me...I hope to have more exciting things to blog about soon!