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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 07.27.11

Hiii everybody! How's your week been?! Mine's been okay. My little munchkin has recently decided that she wants to, once again, wake up multiple times a night randomly. Ugh. So, needless to say, I'm sleep deprived + it's busy season at my job, booo. But, this weekend I'm getting in a DIY state of mind because I am getting started on my next Project Makeover series, which I plan to announce sometime tomorrow (sorry for the delay!).

Anywho, checking in today with another installment of WIWBW, woot {it rhymes, tee hee ::wink::}. So, here are the top 5 things I'm lusting over this week:

1. RuffleButts Mania:

ATTENTION moms of little girls: Zulily {full disclosure - that link is my referral link, if you sign up thru that link & when/if you ever buy something, I get a Zulily store credit...just wanted to put that out there ;) is having a huge sale on RuffleButts aka some the most adorable things I've ever seen for little girls! I bought Baby AJ the grape bloomers & matching swing top for her 12 month photo shoot - can't wait to get them, they are so stinkin' cute!!

2. A cute blue dress for Baby AJ:

My little sister {19} is about to move on to greener pastures, lol. Well, she's moving to Savannah, Georgia actually & so my older sister {30} wants the whole family to get together for a group family picture - she's the sentimental type. The color they picked for everyone to coordinate with were lighter shades of blue. I went online to Baby Gap, one of my fave places for AJ's clothes & found this little number on sale for $18! So uhhhm yeah, totally getting it. Hopefully. If the hubbs "releases" the funds, hahaha. He's a crazed budget/spreadsheet person. :oP

3. A baby travel bed:

One day while looking thru my latest One Step Ahead catalog, I came across this adorbs baby travel bed! I'm not a huge fan on pack & plays for sleeping, so I think this is an awesome solution. It has a cushy, inflatable mattress & travels easily because it can fold up into a carrying case that comes with it! The best thing is, after your little one grows out of it for sleeping, it can be used as a play tent later! Awesome. The Dennifers are heading on our first family vacation to Disney World in November, so I'd really love to get this before then!

4. A PBK Halloween Costume:

FML. I love Pottery Barn & all their affiliates waaay too much for my pocketbook. These costumes are soooo cute & I totally want one for the little muchkin's 2nd, but really her 1st real Halloween. She was like 2 weeks old last Halloween, so I didn't dress her up, this year she's definitely getting a costume of some sort. Not sure I can persuade the hubbs to let me buy a $50 something PBK one, but maybe I'll find a cute knock off version?!

5. A sexy dress:

We have some friends getting married in September & this will be our second time away from Baby AJ together, so I'm going to live it up! Part of my vow to live it up is dressing the part. I wanna look hot for my man (but still appropriate for the wedding), who's in the wedding. There will be lots of dancing & drinking that night, lol. Victoria's Secret has lots of really sexy dress right now, so I'll probably buy one from there next time I get a free shipping coupon. ;)

So that's my list for this week, what do you have on yours? 'Till next time!


Shanny said...

I'm with you on the sleep deprivation! Noah has been teething and he has become a tru Mama's boy (I secretly love it). Those rufflebutts are too cute!!! I might just have to get one for Natalia!

Yay for a new DYI project, can't wait to see!!!!