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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project Office/Craft Space Makeover: a sad "before"

Hi there friends! I'm finally ready to announce my newest DIY/D&R makeover project series...as I'm sure you can surmise from the title of this post, it's my office/craft space! It's a space in my house that has long been neglected & this revamp is WAAAAAY overdue. I originally planned to work on this space before the munchkin was born conceived, but clearly that didn't happen, so I'm starting now! Better late than never right?!

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with crafting & decorating as much as I used to - I think I took a break because I was adjusting to my new life as a mama, but my daughter's starting to get older & get into more of a predictable routine, so I'm slowly {but surely} returning to my crafting roots ::fist pump::, lol. So, my office/crafting area is just a tiny area of the basement (aka my husband's mancave, which I'm sure he's thrilled to share with his amazing wife) in my very small house. Before the munchkin was born, I had my office & craft stuff in her room (the former office/guest/craft room), but once I got pregnant we had to clean it out & get it set up as a nursery. When we do buy a bigger house, I'm definitely making sure I have a suitable crafting room. Sigh. I *wish* that I had an entire room like some of you luckies out there, but alas, I do not & so I'm working with what I got....

Here are a few before shots of my very sad craft space (please excuse the photo quality, took them on my iPhone right before I started the desk cleanup):

I'm totally embarrassed to post photos of the sad, sad state of my office area, but the time has come! This is a view of the desk/printer area & a closeup of my cluttered desktop. Remember this post from oh, about a year ago, regarding my CL find. Got this desk for $25 last February & then I got preggo. The hubbs kept saying he would re-do my desk, but he never did (figures!) & now, over a year later, I'm finally gonna give some new life to this little beauty!

I'd also like to re-finish the side table we have the printer sitting on to match all the espresso/dark wood colors the hubbs has in the basement already.

And ideally, I'd also like to see some wall storage hung over my desk & I'd lurve to have those frames cluttering my desk come off & go somewhere else, which brings me to my next & final (told y'all it was a small space) before photo...

The misc. junk corner, which I have claimed as a part of my office/crafty space. In this area, I'd like to loose the chair; although, my original thought was to re-do that too, add a cute chair cushion & have a little coordinating chair for my desk. But, I have an awesome, comfy computer chair with wheels & I love it, so I'm gonna stick with that for now. And since I hate clutter {& we are running out of storage space}, this little guy's gotta go. I'll be Freecycling him sometime soon. After I get rid of the chair, I'm going clean up the space & add some storage, likely a book shelf, in that area.

I'd love to see the entire basement painted & am working on the hubbs to make it happen, but he hates painting, so it may take a little while! Or it may never happen because we wanna sell our casa...I'd love it if we just sold & never painted downstairs, but we all know how the market is! Anyway, I'm not letting that slow me down - I will finish this project & I will do it before munchkin's birthday party on October 15th. That means I only have a small amount of time to finish...follow along on my newest D&R/DIY project, won't cha?! And wish me luck, I'll need it!! 'Till next time!


C said...

Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the space!