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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 09.21.11

Hi there everyone! I am deep in the trenches of the end of the Government fiscal year, sigh. I.am.so.ex.hausted. I hate this time of year, I end up working sooo much & I totally need a break in a big way. I'm thinking about taking all day on Monday off, taking A to daycare & going back to sleep until I catch up on all the sleep I've missed lately. I am soo happy that Friday is almost here (the true end of the FY is next Friday, but we have to finish all of our contract awards this year so that finance can obligate everything by next Friday)! But as soon as this cray cray is over, I'll be hard at work trying to get everything together for the munchkin's 1st birthday party!

Anywho, just thought I'd check in this week with another installment of WIWBW, woo! Online browsing & some buying is all that kept me slighlty sane this week. Is it sad that shopping makes me happy?! Not in a crazy, blow all my money sort of way, but in a fun way, hahaha. Anywho, here's what I want this Wednesday:

1. A personalized Halloween tub:

I've been eyeing these tubs on Etsy for a while now - even had them pinned on my Fall Holidays pinboard on my Pinterest. Our previous Halloween candy bowl is a cheapo dollar store plastic bowl & it's fine, but I think it's time for an upgrade! So I finally bought one today on Etsy & I plan to use it for the big birthday par-tay & for Halloween! I can't wait to get it & see how it turns out!!

2. C&B Vine Pumpkins & Gourds:

Gah I love the fall & decorating & everything fall! These are another thing I've been eying for a while & so this week, I decided to go ahead & buy a couple to decorate this fall! They'll be a perfect accent during the munchkin's little pumpkin themed birthday party! And on top of that, Crate & Barrel has them for an incredibly affordable price!

3. A Baby AJ puppy costume:

Amaya loves her some "dog dog" as she so eloquently puts it. Seriously, it's the first thing she says in the morning when she wakes up! So I always call our dog up the stairs or in from the other room so she can see her dog dog first thing...then she lights up & giggles. Amazing how great of a mood he can put her in, lol. And sometimes, when she's playing on the floor, he'll come up & give her a little kiss & she just laughs & laughs! Anywho, so dog dog & duck are two of her favorite words - she knows what they are at first sight, so I decided to let her be a dog for Halloween this year. I didn't want to spend a fortune on her costume though & this one is super affordable! I love the little paws. :) And of course, since she's a girl dog dog, I'll be tying a cute bow around one {or both} of her floppy ears! 

4. These beautiful PB news text pillar candles:

I peeped these cuties in Pottery Barn's fall catalog & I fell in love! They are just awesome. I think I might attempt to DIY them at some point soon & it that is a fail, well...I may just be spending {gulp} $30 on a candle. You think the hubbs will approve that purchase?!

5. Cheetah print flats:

I hear animal print is all the rage this fall & it's one trend I'm happy to follow! I feel like these flats are so versatile - you could dress them up or down & they'd look fab! These are another item that have been on my Pinterest for awhile now - once I find a pair at a great price, I'll grab 'em. I generally have a rule for myself against buying full price anything. ::wink::

So that's what I wanna buy this Wednesday, how about you?! I'll be back soon with munchkin's 10-11 month updates, more deets on her party & of course, more to come on my office space makeover soon. 'Till next time!


Life Happens said...

You need a vacation from work! I'm sure you are super busy getting ready for a birthday party too!

Love the flats. I saw some at T.JMAXX that were very similiar. Cute for fall!