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Friday, September 30, 2011

Munchkin 10-11 months

Side note: I DID, in fact, finish my wreath & I promise, promise to post it this weekend...I went to take the final pics, then my camera battery died, so I had to charge it. Then I had to wait for daylight to take it, then I had to go do something for my sorority sisters & so here we are today! Today is the final final day of the FY, so my life should go completely back to normal after today...and I am going to be hard at work DIY'ing & blogging about all of my Halloween/fall/Munchkin birthday party crafting!

And now, back to the regularly scheduled blog post...

Cue tears... I simply cannot believe my daughter is 11 months! She's actually 11.5 months, so she'll be a whole year old in a couple weeks. I can't believe it. It's bittersweet of course - I'm so happy my little munchkin is doing well & healthy & thriving, but I want to push the pause button. In just 2 weeks (exactly 2 weeks from today), my baby will be a {gulp} toddler. Sigh. Where has the time gone? I think about it sometimes & get a little choked up. Makes me want another little squishy babe, but def no time soon...I need a raise & a bigger house & for our c/c debt to be paid off before that happens - looking at 2013 - and that's if I can get the hubbs fully on-board. I think he'll agree after Amaya is a little older & a little more independent.

And now, what you've all been waiting on..hehehe...Amaya's 10-11 month pics:

And the 0-9 month pics for comparison:

{10 month outtakes}

{11 month outtakes}
 {with her "dog dog" <3}

Look at my little lady! She's growing so big & she's so much fun now! A couple weeks ago, my husband took her to the Dr because she had a persistent cold & she was - in his words - "17 something pounds"...hahaha, thanks babe for the accurate number! I'm guessing she's close to 18 lbs now, but that's unofficial. She will go to her 12 month well baby appointment in a few weeks & I'll know the "official" number. So, she's still on the small side of normal for her age, but she's looong. She is still in 6-12 months (or 12 months) for most clothing, but she has moved on to 12-18 months in a lot of the brands that run smaller (Old Navy, Circo {Target}, Osh Kosh) because of her length. The bag of clothes she can no longer fit or are out of season is quickly getting filled up. I'm getting slightly worried because we are going on our first family vaca to Disney World in early November & I'm hoping that all of her 12 month summer stuff still fits because I am not planning on buying any new summer clothes. Or I'm hoping that it'll be slightly cool there, so I can just use some of her lightweight fall clothing. We shall see I guess!

She's been doing excellent at night - sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours straight, less when she's about to get sick or teething. And she does 1-2 naps a day, normally anywhere from 1-4 hours per day. The 1 hour nap thing only happens when she's at daycare. Needless to say, she goes to sleep super early on those nights! We stick pretty closely to the bedtime routine every night & actually tomorrow we are going to something for our Alma Mater's alumni weekend, which will mean a bit of a later bedtime for the munchkin, so I'm a little anxious to see how it'll go. She's a pretty go with the flow little girl though, so I have a feeling everything will be just fine. I just always get nervous anytime something goes off schedule for her.

As for food, she eats EVERYTHING. She loves food. She makes a horrible mess, but she does eat a good bit! I normally give her a little bit of anything we happen to be eating. And she's pretty much off of purees. I do have a few frozen cubes in the freezer that I feed her from time to time for dinner, but for the most part she's having steamed veggies - very soft & cut up small & bananas + regular applesauce for fruit mainly. I am going to also start giving her the cut up fruit you can get at the grocery store in the cups - the kind without any sugary syrup added. She also has cut up fruit at daycare & they say she does well with it.

Speaking of daycare...I think being around all the kiddos has been really great for her. Seems like she's doing & learning new things every day! The one thing I really dislike is that she's literally sick like every 2-3 weeks - I think some of her stuffiness can be attributed to teething, but I think a lot of it has to do with germs at daycare...ugh. I have read though that kids that go to daycare at an early age are less likely to get sick as often as kids that did not go to daycare early on when they get older. Here's hoping I guess! Her favorite word by far is "dog dog", but she also loves "duck" & "da da". Unfortunately, she doesn't say "ma ma" much unless she's sleepy, hurt or mad at me, lol. She still scoots around - not much crawling, but she can do it, I think she just discovered that scooting is a much more efficient way of getting around! She likes pulling herself up on our ottoman in the living room & she'll stand without us right there for several minutes at a time. She loves anything that plays music - she likes to "dance", which generally consists of her bopping her head back & forth, lol. It's so cute. Oh & she now has 5 teeth - 3 on the bottom, 2 up top! I hate teething because I can tell it hurts/irritates her so much, poor baby.

I think that's it! I can't believe that in just 2 weeks I'll be able to say I have a 1 year old, a toddler. I am happy & sad at the same time, but either way can't wait to celebrate her birthday with friends & family...and speaking of, I have lots of DIY crafting to get to, so I'll sign off here tonight & be back in the next day or so with the deets on our party/fall/Halloween wreath! 'Till next time!