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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Party Planning: Munchkin's 1st birthday deets!

Oh hai everyone ::waves::! I survived this week - passed my class (woo!) & got a Master's Certificate in Government Contracting! Sounds official right, lol?! I actually have an actual Master's Degree in Public Administration, but got this as well since I had already taken the courses I needed to get one (had to for work) & it's another thing to add to my resume! I also got some real work done too, but boy was it an exhausting week. Amaya started getting sick (congested, snotty, etc.) too, so that added to the exhaustion - not to mention she finally managed to get me sick too. :( Yesterday I felt like I got run over by a truck, but today I'm feeling a little better...not 100%, but better.

Side Note - notice the slightly different (& larger) post title & sidebar fonts? I had to change them because of some change to my previous designer's font hosting abilities. I'm actually saving now for a re-design...not that I don't love seeing my awesome family up there in the header, but I want one that I don't have to update {read: pay someone or beg one of my web-savvy friends to update} & I'd also like sub-page links up top for stuff like a house tour, baby stuff, popular posts/projects, etc. One day...but for now, this is the "new" look. I'm hoping my good friend who re-installed my fonts will also change my header photos for me too! Shout out to our in-the-know IT friend who handled the situation for me...thanks O!!! :oD

Anywho, today I want to share some of the deets on the plans for munchkin's 1st birthday party! I recently got addicted to started using Pinterest to "pin" (kinda like bookmarking, only WAAAY cooler) my ideas for all sorts of stuff {check out the "Follow Me on Pinterest" button on the right hand sidebar, if you have an account - follow me! --->} & I lurve it. I think I've been on it for just about or a little over a month & I have well over 400 pins & 21 pin boards! Well of course I had to do a pin board for my Baby AJ's 1st birthday & I've been {& am still} gathering up all my ideas to make her birthday perfect! Hey, I know she won't remember it, but I will & so will our family & I just want to make it so much fun for everyone, hehe. Anyway, after much going back & forth, I decided on a little pumpkin/jack-o-lantern theme for her party since her birthday is only 2 weeks before Halloween & I think it's going to turn out totally adorable!

I'm trying to save as much money as possible by shopping around for the stuff I plan to buy/have bought, getting as many things as possible handmade by Etsy sellers (besides the fact that most Etsy sellers stuff is FANTASTIC quality because each item is made just for you), DIY'ing a lot of the decor, making all the food ourselves (minus the cake) & using deal sites (ie, Groupon). Most of the stuff I ordered on Etsy was customized in some way, which brings me to yet another reason I L-O-V-E Etsy, the sellers are so nice, professional & easy to work with! And I have already gotten several things taken care of & ordered, like the invites:

Didn't they turn out absolutely adorable?! LOVE them - they are on order for printing now & I should receive them sometime next week. I plan to mail them out a little more than 4 weeks prior. I actually got kind of emotional ordering my baby's 1st birthday invite. :(

And I got some totally adorable favor tags, stickers, cupcake & a banner. Here's a sneak peak at what the favor tags will look like:
{designed by Ciao Bambino on Etsy}

I'll receive everything a week before the party, so short of the favor tags, I haven't seen everything, but I know it will all be adorable! Can't wait to get the package!!

I've also ordered her entire to-die-for outfit & I already received part of it:

{sorry for the photo quality - took this on my iPhone}

::dies:: I seriously just love everything! The diaper cover & matching bow headband {it has black fedora feathers on it!!} are by To Be Stitched and the leg warmers are by Amy's Buttons & Bows - both on Etsy. I got the rest of her outfit {just got an email tonight that it shipped, woooo!} - a tutu & personalized onesie - custom made by Made Cute Just 4 U on Etsy...here's something similar to what munchkin will be wearing (only hers will be pumpkin themed):

Gah, have I mentioned I heart heart heaaaaaaaaaaaaaart Etsy?! So that's it, get excited - I'll be posting tutorials & lots of pics for all the projects I (& my good friend Haliya - heeey - who I tricked into volunteered} will be tackling! I'm super duper excited to see it all come together!

And last side note: I'm only slightly excited for fall {sarcasm...I love fall & I'm totally excited, squeeee!!!}, so I picked up a few things for the munchkin's fall wardrobe during Children's Place, Gap & Old Navy's recent sales...just a few things:

{again, sorry for the quality - took this on my phone too...I'm being lazy, lol}

There are multiple layers under the folded stuff that you can't see. What? What is that you say? That's not a few things...argh, guilty! I can't help it! Girl's stuff is just too freakin' adorable. Add in fall girly stuff & I'm done for. In fact, Gap is having a Labor Day sale right now, so I may have to grab a few more things...honey hide the Gap card! Okay okay, I'll get it together...promise, kinda. Okay, I'm lying. I love buying her stuff - more than I like shopping for me now, never thought it would happen, but it did & so she always looks super cute & I look meh. :o/ Gotta get that together too. Anywho, I digress - stay tuned for another edition of my Project Office/Craft Space Makeover series, Baby AJ's TEN month photos + update & lots more! 'Till next time!


Marina said...

The pumpkin outfit is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Lol you shop like I do when it comes to shopping for my daughter, it's so hard to stop! And the diaper cover and legwarmers, the whole outfit, invites, everything = waaaayyy too cute! She's going to look so adorable! 1st birthdays are so much fun!

Brandi said...

happy "almost" first birthday to your little one. my daughter's first name is Jade. seeing your daughter reminds me when my daughter was her age...tear! oh, they grow up too fast. loving all her new outfits. it's so much fun shopping for little girls. i loved shopping in the Gap for my daughter too. i hit the clearance rack first! take care. hope you enjoy your weekend.