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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DIY Mods to DR Hanging Light Pendant...wish me luck!

So, I bought this beautiful Capiz Shell Hanging Pendant from World Market about a month ago to hang over my DR table. It will replace the FUGLY glass & brass one that has been there since the house was built I believe.

I am *attempting* to re-create the look of this one I saw online with crystal beading added:

*beading detail*
I bought the stringing crystals (several different size beads) & clear string from Michael's:

To re-create this project, follow these steps:
1) Decide how you want your crystal beads displayed and start stringing them with the clear string. Cut at least 1/2-1 yard of clear sting (depending on length of beading string) to work with - you want to have lots of extra string because you will loop it several times around the pendant base.

2) Tie one of the larger crystal gems to the bottom of the clear string.
3) To get the beads to "float" like I'm doing string a bead through once and then make a loop around the bead with the clear string & string it back through. If you hold the string taut & vertically the beads won't fall.
4) Loop the clear string several times around the metal base of the pendant & tie tightly to secure. Adjust the spacing and length of the beaded strings to your preference.
5) Add as many as you want & voilah...a completed, beautiful hanging pendant!

...did only 1 strand last night...looks like it's gonna take a while to finish, but I will try to hurry so I can post after pics ASAP!

~Feel free to send me a message or comment to this post fi you have any questions. ;o)