; World of Dennifer: Out sick... :o(

Monday, June 22, 2009

Out sick... :o(

So unfortunately last night I got food poisoning from the Japanese Steakhouse we took my dad to for Father's Day. So I called out of work and am in bed sick, but I am feeling a little better - I think the food poisoning has passed! Woot woot!! I have lots of updates to fill everyone in on - we hung photos in the LR and the art I purchased and we are 95% done with the DR/kitchen minor D&R - I need to buy white curtains for the window above the sink (maybe today) and my new microwave is supposed to be delivered and installed tomorrow, woo hoo!! I'm hoping I can get all the pics uploaded and be able to post everything tomorrow...or Wednesday at the latest. Besides the food poisoning, I had a wonderful weekend - the couples massage on Saturday was the definite highlight! :o)

Here are a few photos from last night (Father's Day)...no pics of me & my dad - I was too into my little nephew to think about taking them, lol!

*He liked the fire!!