; World of Dennifer: Weekend Re-cap

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

I would say that this past weekend (6/5 - 6/7/09) was pmb (pretty much basically) a success...I got A LOT done & I'm proud of myself. I'm off every other Friday and this past week was my day off, so I slept in sooo late! One of my good friends treated me to a belated bday dinner that night & gave me the CUTEST little makeup bag ever!

On Saturday my friend had a kick off for her Mary Kay business, so I went to it to show support & bought a little something...the rest of Saturday consisted of shopping, shopping & more shopping!! Here are a few things I scored:

*Hot Fiya new New Balances for only $30 from DSW (I used one of those rewards coupons!):

*New doggie bed for my furbaby - Dizzle (he's so spoiled!):

...And I bought some scrapbooking stuff (for my wedding scrapbook - yes, I am JUST getting around to it!), some other items for my next DIY project (see next post) from Michael's, got lotsa pics developed @ Ritz - even finally got new passport pics to send in!

Sunday I took my fat dog to go and visit my BFF's new puppy, Kiwi...arent they the cutest?!


And then I got most of the wedding scrapbook done!

Overall, I'd say I was pretty productive...now this week, I will attempt to finish my DIY DR pendant project (see next post)....wish me luck!