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Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Monday....again

So this weekend I got a lot done - including my wedding scrapbook and my DR hanging pendant DIY project (pics coming soon - like tomorrow - I hope!), but there was a technical glitch in getting it hung yesterday, so I am waiting on DH to hang it in order to show everyone photos, but it looks pretty and I'm so excited that it's done! Also, picked up my newly framed art print from Michael's yesterday and plan to hang it in the DR tonight hopefully, along with the sconces to go beside it...just wait till you see the full DR/kitchen makeover, it's a HUGE difference!.

In other news, DH & I had a wonderful date night on Saturday - it consisted of dinner and a movie, but not just any movie...the new Denzel Washington and John Travolta movie, "The Taking of Pelham 123," which I have been dying to see since I first saw the previews! Can I just say I L-O-V-E both of these actors, they are AMAZING and not too bad on the eyes either. :oP

*~*My Review*~*
I give it a 10 out of 10 - you really can't go wrong with Washington & Travolta in the same film! The movie was definitely a non-stop action/thriller & had a cast of other wonderful actors, such as James Gandolfini as the mayor of New York. Travolta was both terrifying and witty as the villain of the film and Denzel was brave, but had his own dark side as well. I highly recommend going to see it, unlike some of the other movies I have wasted money on this summer - this one was definitely worth the $20 (for the two of us)!!

Coming up this week, I plan to post some of our professional wedding photos and pics of my DIY DR hanging pendant project. We shall see what else this week brings for post inspiration. This weekend = beach trip for me & the hubbs - fun in the sun, can't wait!!