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Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Planning Monday, maybe Tuesday + furloughed. :o/

So a couple of weeks ago, I won this really cool Really Crafty Studio meal planner download from Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous!

It's so easy to stay organized & on top of the week's meals with this planner! It's only $5 in Kim's Etsy Shop & it's totally worth it! I haven't quite nailed down everything I'm going to make this week, which maybe defeats the purpose a bit, but I'm going to try & stay organized & plan this out every Sunday from now on. I usually try to make new dish each week, then a few classics that I always make - spaghetti, pork chops, baked ground turkey & ziti, stir fry, etc. We also usually have an "every man for himself night", a left overs night & usually end up eating out 1-2 days per week. The eating out thing will likely change once we have kids, but since it's just the two of us now, we can afford to still eat out a couple times a week - that & I'm not too fond of cooking on weekends, lol. I am going to attempt to take photos of the meals I make & do a re-cap at the end of the week. Hopefully this will give some of you ladies in search of new meal ideas some good ones! I'll be working on this week's plan tonight & hope to have it up by tomorrow morning.


Also, IDK if any of you know about the funding stuff going on with parts of the US Department of Transportation, but some craziness has been going down in Congress. The basic gist is - several Federal DOT sub-agencies were funded by the Highway Trust Fund Legislation & it basically expired last night at Midnight. Congress attempted to pass an extension, but it was blocked by Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY), so the funding for my agency lapsed & all non-essential employees (ahem...me) are being furloughed until Congress can reach a decision (read full story here & here). This means that several important state & federal highway projects have been halted across the country; just an example of how "politicking" affects regular people every day. I have heard that in the past, when the government has furloughed employees, Congress usually passes some measure to pay employees retroactively, so I'm hoping that's what happens in this case. For now, I am going to stay optimistic & just look at this as a few extra days to sleep in, clean my house, run some errands & maybe get a St. Patrick's Day craft done...maybe one from the Craftaholics Anonymous St. Patty's Day link party!

Here are a few beauties from Linda's party:

Linda's own "Lucky" Pillow:
Unfortunately, I CAN'T sew anything that requires a sewing machine, but that's on my list of things to try this year. :oP

Traci's really cute "Lucky" Blocks:

Patricia's adorable DIY gift tags:

Michelle's c-u-t-e Lucky Clover:

Head over to the party to see all the other very creative St. Patty's Day projects - so cute! And a perfect distraction since I'm not working for the next couple of days!


Ms. Understood said...

Wow . . . sorry about the job situation. I hope things get settled quickly. Enjoy your time off.