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Sunday, August 29, 2010

29-30 weeks - 3/4 of the way there!!!

Woot - there (in the title) being my due date - November 6th! I can't believe this week is September! I feel like time is just flying this summer & thank goodness...we have had an extremely HOT summer this year. Of course, the year I'm pregnant over the summer, we get one of the hottest summers on record! Not that I'm complaining - it's just definitely uncomfortable at times! I have tried to reign in my baby buying obsession seeing that we still have four baby showers being thrown in our honor - the one the hubbs' family is hosting in his hometown, my main shower in our area/my hometown, plus a work shower at each of our jobs that some co-worker friends are planning to host - we are so blessed! The shower at the hubbs' office was a big surprise to me, that's so nice of them. I can't wait to see all the cute stuff she gets!! I found an awesome maternity dress on sale & decided to get it for my main/big shower, so I ordered it last week:

During weeks 29-30 (month 7), the baby is about the size of a squash, or about 15.2 to 16.7 inches and about 2.5 to 3.8 lbs. Although she's already pretty big & cramped in there, her weight will triple by the time her due date rolls around. And she is gaining additional energy due to white fat depositing beneath her skin. She's definitely getting a workout in there - exercising by stretching & kicking - it's even beginning to hurt a little now, but nothing her mama can't handle!  I had my 30 week doctor's appointment on Friday & I met with Dr. P this week. I really like her a lot! She gave me the pre-registration information for the hospital I'm going to be delivering at & she said that I could just turn it in during my hospital tour, which is scheduled for September 9th! She also checked the size of my belly, which is measuring right on track & she checked for the baby's heartbeat, which was a very normal 135-140 bpm. When the Dr. was trying to find the baby's heartbeat, she couldn't at first because the baby was wiggling around so much - she even kicked a few times for the Dr. to see! She is not a shy baby - she kicked/moved for two of my co-worker girlfriends & for my mom last week, haha! At the end of the appointment, I scheduled my next several appointments with my OB's office & it hit me just how close we are to meeting her - we ended up scheduling appointments through the end of my pregnancy! We even scheduled one for the week after my due date just in case. :o/ Hopefully we won't need that one, but we'll see.

To celebrate the 30 week milestone, I thought we'd go for a 3D/4D ultrasound this weekend, but Baby J was NOT having it at all! She had her arm up in front of her face the entire time. Urg. She moved for like 2 seconds & we got to see her yawn!! It was seriously SOOOOO adorable. I wish we could have seen more of her cute face, but she was being camera shy, so the 3D place is going to let us re-schedule to try once more. Needless to say, I have no pics of video to share. hmph. But, hopefully we'll have some good ones soon! I'm going to try to re-schedule for this week some time.

And now on to my 29 & 30 week bump shots. I still think I'm pretty small in comparison to some other pregnant women I have seen who are as far along as me (maybe it's all in my head?! My mom thinks it is!), but as long as the little one is doing good, that's all that matters!

29 weeks clothed & bare:

30 weeks clothed & bare:

And bonus mommy view:
Check out my linea nigra! Mine has always been visible, but it's definitely darker now. :o)

BTW, sorry for missing out on this past week's 5QF - I am usually off or teleworking on Fridays, but this week I had to go in. As I'm sure I mentioned several times - this is our busiest time of year at my job, so I am constantly swamped at work! I have lots of great posts planned out in my head for this week, I just need to find the time to sit down & write them out. I'm counting down to the long weekend coming up!! I got the hubbs tickets to the VA Tech vs. Boise State game on Labor Day for our anniversary & we are super psyched to go! I need to find a cute VA Tech shirt for my pregnant belleh this week. :) 'Till next time!


Shayleah said...

How exciting to be 3/4 of the way there! It's nice that so many kind people want to throw showers for you and Baby J, and the dress you ordered looks very chic. Love the bonus "mommy view" of the pregnant belleh! lol Hopefully she won't be so shy for your next 3D/4D ultrasound, but that's awesome you got to see her yawn! I hope you have a great week 31.:)

The DIY Show Off said...

You are so cute! And the nursery is adorable! Great job (as usual)! I love it! Baby girls are the sweetest. ;)

Leslie G said...

WOW- you are so close! And 4 showers? That little girl is going to be all set! =)

Sarah said...

Girl! You look good!!!! I have that stupid linea nigra thing too, mine is really dark, no stretch marks though, so I'm thankful!!! Wow, 4 showers! That's awesome, you are going to get so much good loot! Paul came home the other night with gifts from his work, apparently they had thrown him a baby shower too, I was shocked! It's great that you did the 3d/4d ultrasound (we didn't) but I'm sorry she wasn't very cooperative! Still must have been so cool to see:) OMG - window treatments are the worst, they scare me. Hopefully the IKEA ones work!

Life Happens said...

I LOVE that dress! That's one of my favorite colors for fall too. You guys are definitely blessed to have four showers! People really do love you! (Of course they do, who wouldn't??!)

Love the belly pics too. Oh and the owl painting from your last post...super cute!!!