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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


She cooperated!! Woot...so excited. :) They are not the best pics ever because the ultrasound technician she is really close to my uterine wall & she has her umbilical cord really close to her face too, so we mostly got parts of her face for each pic, but either way, I'm excited! We even got to see her hiccuping & swallowing! And without further adieu - Baby J:

Look at those cute cheeks! She totally has her daddy's nose & I think a mix between our lips! We couldn't see much else unfortunately, but I'm happy we got these at least. We got plenty more, but they all look a lot alike. We also got a 15 min. video of all the cuteness too. :)


Life Happens said...

Very cute! I love those cheeks!!

Shanny said...

Awwwww too cute!!!
Neither of my children are too keen on cooperating so my pics are not too good either. Your little darling at least kind of gave you a full face, I love the lips and cheecks... love it!