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Sunday, August 22, 2010

GTKM - answers to your most burning questions!

And I'm sure you were SO anxious to see all my responses from the CSN GTKM Giveaway, right? LOL. Hope everyone has had a nice weekend, mine was pretty good - again, no plans, which for me = excellent! I got lots done on my pre-Baby J to do list & we are really close to finishing the nursery!! The stupid window hardware I ordered being back ordered until early October is throwing me off, but as soon as that gets here, we'll really finish it up & then I'll be able to show all of you the *BIG* reveal...can't wait! I love my little girl's room so far & I know it's gonna be perfect for her!

So now onto the questions! I am not going to answer any that don't apply right now - like one reader wondered about Baby J's sleeping patterns - and since she's still in mah belleh, I can't really answer that right now. But, I can say, she's most active in there at night, so if that's any indication of how she'll be when she gets here, then we are in for some trouble (especially since we normally get up for work at around 5am - eeek). But, anywho - here are my responses to all the questions that I can answer right now:

1. What is your favorite item in your kitchen?

Hmm, good question. I'm a simple gal, so I'll go with my microwave & toaster - that's two, I know!  I like 'em because they make grabbing a quick, hot something for breakfast before running out the door in the morning MUCH easier! My long time readers may recall, but we got a new microwave like umm last summer or so. One that actually matches the rest of the the appliances & actually works, so I love that! One day I'll learn how to really bake (minus boxed cake mixes ::wink::) & perhaps I'll invest in a KitchenAid Stand Mixer - I hear they are amazing - then I'm sure that'll be my fav!

2. Where did you get the wooden hangers you used in your baby hangers DIY project?

Michaels - love that store! But, I'm sure you can get them from any craft store. I do wish we had a Hobby Lobby 'round these parts though because from what I have seen on other's blogs, they have lots of great stuff that I don't think Michaels carries. boo! I just checked out their site & found out that they have a location about 45 min. away from me, near my uncle's house! Maybe next time I visit him, I'll stop by & check out all the crafty goodness. :)

PS - I finally put these up in her closet now & they look SUPER cute - I'll be sharing a pic of the closet so far (pre-baby shower & I'm sure more clothes/diapers/towels/etc.) sometime this week!

3. Where do you get your inspiration?

I read SOOOOO many blogs of talented ladies with great ideas & I usually get my inspiration from other's projects - some of my fav crafty/D&R blogs are Craftaholics Anonymous, The DIY Show Off, Somewhat Simple, Attempting Creative, Fingerprints on the Fridge, Young House Love - just to name a few, there are many many more I follow & LOVE.I'd also recommend checking out any blogs/sites linked on blogs you find &  like b/c I find lots more great sites like that. I also love Martha Stewart & Pottery Barn (PBK for Baby J stuff) & get lots of inspiration from both of those sites as well. Hope this helps!! If you want more specific information or ever have a question that I don't answer here on the blog, just shoot me an email at worldofdennifer{at}gmail{dot}com & I'll get back to you with a response ASAP. :)

4. Will you keep the baby in the nursery from the beginning or will you keep her in your room with you for awhile?

Good question - we plan to keep her in the room with us for the first couple (or so) of months in a Pack & Play, then try to move her into her nursery/crib. Because I'm a worry wart, we'll be buying the Angelcare Movement Monitor to use when she's in her crib. We registered for one of those TV monitors b/c the hubbs really wanted it, lol. So, the Angelcare monitor we get will be the movement sensor only - to be used along with the normal TV/sound monitor.I know some people say these aren't necessary, but for my piece of mind, I'd rather just spend the $70 and have it. :)

5. What breed is your dog?

He's a rescue dog, so we aren't EXACTLY sure of his breed, but we think he's a German Sheppard & some sort of Hound mix. He's such a sweet dog, so whatever he's mixed with, it worked out great for us! And thanks for the comment on how cute he is - we (or at least I & I'm pretty sure the hubbs too) think so too!

Thanks for all the great questions! I hope to do another one of these GTKM posts/giveaways soon, so fun! Now I have to run because Baby J is kicking me to eat (& the hubby keeps calling me to come get my food - he cooked tonight b/c I spent hours cleaning today), lol.  'Till next time!