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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Baby AJ: 4-5 months!

My little munchkin is already 5.5 months! And clearly I'm extremely late with my monthly updates. I take the photos on time, but then I never get around to writing anything out. I'm going to try harder with the next few month posts.

Our little girl is growing up so quickly! My older sister babysits for us & the original agreement is that she'd watch her at our house until Amaya turns 1 & then we'd put her in daycare, but as that time gets closer & closer, I am getting more & more anxious about her going into daycare. Despite my anxiety, the hubbs & I have been on a search over the last month or so for a center to put her in in a very short 6.5 months. We found one that I absolutely L-O-V-E & would put her in right now, no question - if only it didn't cost $2,000 a month! Yep, you read that right - TWO FREAKIN' THOUSAND! I mean I know you can't put a price on the worth of someone caring for your most treasured little munchkin thang & I also realize that we live in a pretty high cost of living area, but that's outrageous - even for our area. The center offers a lot of cool programs for the kids - programs that I doubt my daughter will get much out of until she's a little older than 1, so the hubbs & I decided to continue our search & reconsider putting her in that center when she's a little older. We have at least two other centers that we've seen that we really like, but we have a decent amount of time until we have to make a decision, so we are still looking. Sigh.

Anyways, here's what you've been actually reading this post for - pictures!!! Here is my baby girl at 4 & 5 months:

~*and her 0-3 months for comparison*~

{4 month outtakes}
{And 5 month outtakes}

{my personal favorite & my current desktop background}

Ack, so freakin' cute & look how BIG she's getting. :( I cannot believe my little baby - my 4 lb. 13 oz BAY-BE is almost 6 months old! At her 4 month appointment, she was 11 lbs. 14 oz. (15th %tile) & we don't get another "official" weigh in until her 6 month appointment next month, but I'm guessing she's about 12.5 lbs. now! Finally starting to fit her 3-6 month clothes, but still fits some of her 0-3 month clothes.
We are still doing pretty good with crib sleeping - she takes all naps & sleeps at night in her crib. However, her naps have been majorly crappy - I'm talking 30-50 minutes tops on average. It sucks because she is SO tired - you can see it in her face, but she just will.not.nap. Ugh! It drives us {& my sister} crazy! I *think* that it may have to do with the fact that her room is so bright during the day, despite our {ultra classy} bedsheets hung over the windows. We put the sheets up temporarily until we decide if we'll go with blackout shades or curtains. I think we are leaning towards shades...they are expensive, but if they help her nap better, then I don't care how much they cost! I think she will sleep better during the day if, when she stirs/kinda half wakes up, the room is dark. I hypothesize that she'll put herself back to sleep - like she does at night, but I guess we'll see. Ideally, she'd take two naps - one from around 9am-11am & then another from 2pm-4pm or 3pm-5pm. Wish us luck!

At night, our very strict bedtime routine is still in effect & has definitely paid off. She caught on pretty quickly & knows after her last bottle, it's bedtime. She's usually out like a light by the time she takes her last sip. I still hold/rock her upright after the bottle for 15 minutes because of her reflux, but as soon as she gets past that, then I plan to just put her down after her bottle. Again, if it's dark & she has her paci, then I think she'll put herself to sleep. Speaking of our bedtime routine, I'm not sure if I ever posted it here, but we basically try & start it anywhere from 6pm-7pm (I try to make it as close to 6:30pm/6:45pm as possible) & it goes a little something like this:
  • I take her up to her room, pick out her jammies, get a fresh bib, burp cloth, blanket, pamper, towel, wash cloth & grab her bath supplies.
  • Daddy brings up her Zantac & we give it to her in her rocker chair.
  • We take her into the bathroom & I lay her on a fluffy towel in the middle of our two sinks - of course she is always supervised & either I or the hubbs is always standing there with a hand on her - & I take off her clothes/pamper. 
  • I stand "naked baby" {as she's been dubbed} up to look @ her reflection in the mirror & I sing her the naked baby song {yes, yes...I'm a dorky mama} & she dances & gigles at herself for a couple minutes while daddy prepares her bath.
  • We give her a bath - about 15 minutes.
  • Dry her off on the fluffy towel in between our bathroom sinks & lotin her up, then put Aquaphor & powder in her diaper area, then put her pamper on.
  • I make sure her hair is all dry & then take her into our bedroom, which is connected to the bathroom, to put on her jammies. 
  • IF she's not too tired, we take her to her rocker in her room & read her a story. Otherwise, we just give her a final bottle & then I rock/hold her upright for 15 minutes due to her reflux.
  • After the 15 min. has elapsed, I put her down on her back in her crib. 
She is so good with this routine! I highly, HIGHLY suggest that all parents adopt a good bedtime routine that you can stick to. It has done wonders on our daughter!

Developmentally, she seems to be on track. She "talks" more & more everyday - we have deep conversation, lol. She can lift her head without help & can sit up assisted. In fact, she hates laying back inclined, so she's always trying to pull herself up to a sitting position in her car seat or in her bathtub! Which reminds me - I need to look into a convertible seat at some point soon...I want a Britax, so I'm going to keep an eye out for a good sale. She started rolling from tummy to back when she was 3 months, but has not quite mastered back to tummy rolling yet, although she tries & gets REALLY close, but can't quite get her head over! She has also become much more independent - she sometimes just wants to lay on her back with toys & does not want to be held. She also doesn't like to cuddle or be rocked to sleep for naps like she used to. Sometimes, you can just put her down in her crib (for a nap) & she'll suck her paci or stare at her Seahorse & fall asleep on her own! I'm also pretty sure she'll be cutting her first tooth here soon because she chews on things soooo much & slobbers like it's going out of style. We literally go through about 7-10 bibs a day, sometimes more!

And I think that's it for her 4-5 month update. I can't believe how big my little baby is getting. I need to get on planning her first birthday party because that will be here before I know it I'm sure. :( Don't get me wrong - I am SO happy she's happy & healthy & growing strong, but where has my little squishy, cuddly baby gone?! They grow up WAY too fast, sigh. 'Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Such adorable pics!! What a beauty!

$2000 a month!!! OMG! Not sure where you live..but that seems incredible. We live in Northern California and for infant care we paid $720 a month for a great center. Differences in cost of living is amazing.