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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 03.16.11

Hey everyone! Sorry for my lack of non-WIWBW posts, I hate the winter it makes me so unmotivated (is that even a word?! lol), but the official end of winter is right around the corner - THIS Sunday, squeeeeeeee! And to celebrate, I plan on getting crafty this weekend - first up, a new spring/summer wreath for our front door. What I have in mind is soooo cute, hopefully mine will turn out good. Either way, I will definitely be sharing it with all of you next week sometime. I also need to get back on my 12 weeks to Better Photography project. Ugh. I have been such a slacker {again, blaming it on winter}...I still haven't sat down to try & figure out why I couldn't get the pics off my camera. Last but not least, I need to get Amaya's 4 & 5 month posts up - I was going to do the 4 month post this week, but she actually turned 5 months on Monday, so I figured I might as well wait, right? I told you I am totally being a slacker. :o(

But spring is in the air {it's going to be 75 degrees here on Friday, wooo} & my springtime resolution ::wink:: is to get back to crafting, organizing, D&R'ing & DIY'ing - and blogging about all of it. Thanks for sticking in there with me thru my slooow time. :)

Time for WIWBW - I love scoping out stuff I wanna score & looking for good deals & share it with all of you! So, without further adieu, I bring you today's installment of WIWBW:

1. Movie tickets for The Lincoln Lawyer:

I just got a NOOK Color for Christmas courtesy of the hubbs & this was the first book I downloaded & read. The book is by Michael Connelly & is AWESOME - I loooved it, so when I saw trailers for the movie, I was pumped! The hubbs & I haven't been out to a movie in ages - since before Baby AJ was born! And, as I mentioned, she just turned 5 months - pitiful, right? We used to love going to the movies, so since our 2nd wedding anniversary is right around the corner (Monday), we decided now is the time for a date night! So on Friday, my girlfriend from work is coming over to hang out with the babe {who will hopefully be asleep the whole time we are gone} & the hubbs & I are stepping out for dinner, followed by this movie! We are SO excited - anytime we can get some QT without the munchkin is a welcomed thing & definitely good for our relationship. And she'll be in good hands, so we are gonna have fun! 

**DEAL ALERT: If you'd like to see this for much less than the box office charges, head over to Groupon for $6 movie tickets {full disclosure: the link posted is a referral link, so if you aren't a Groupon member & sign up using that link, I get $10 in Groupon Bucks...and when I signed up as a new member, I got $5 in Groupon Bucks, so I am guessing all new members get that?!}!!! I bought two & used my $5 new member Groupon Bucks & ended up paying only $7 for TWO movie tickets for a brand new movie, wooo! You know I lurve a deal! {PS - set your location to Santa Cruz, CA or Washington DC - Northern VA to find the Groupon.}

::dies:: These things are so.freakin'.cute! I have been eying them ever since finding out we were having a little girl, but never got around to buying a pair because I never really had a need for them. But since Baby AJ is about to turn 6 months, I decided that I'd get some more professional photos done & these will most definitely be making a debut! I am sooo excited to see her in these - ahh the fun of having a girl!

I had planned to purchase one of these for Baby AJ for her 1st birthday, but then I got an email from PBK this week that said they are $20 off + free personalization! They look sooo comfy & she's starting to try & sit up on her own, so I think she'll actually be able to use this very soon. The special ends on March 21st, so I have 5 days to make up my mind. Part of me says to do it now because all of us PB/PBK-aholics know that you have to jump on sales & another part of me says, we have waaaaaaaay too much baby stuff sitting around the house, so it's a better idea to just wait until some of this stuff (exersaucer, swing, bouncer, etc.) are in storage before buying the chair. Sigh. We shall see.

4. A new {sex-ay} swim suit:

I wish my body was swim suit ready! I still have my last 10'ish few pounds of baby weight to lose before I'm ready for this summer. And I need to get it movin' because my child LOVES the water, so I have a feeling that I'll be at the pool a lot this summer!

5. A nice, looong massage:

Oh how I need this in my life. Badly. I love getting massages - it just feels like all my stress & worries melt away during that hour. I also have fibromyalgia & massage therapy is very beneficial to people afflicted with this painful condition. I used to get massages regularly, then I stopped when I got pregnant because I was paranoid early on, then I ran out of time to do it once I felt comfortable getting one! Side note - oddly enough, when I was pregnant, I felt a lot of relief from FM...I think pregnancy is the cure, perhaps I should be pregnant all the time?! LOL. Anywho, I plan on going back to my once monthly massage very very soon -
I need it in my life. :)

And that's all I got this week for WIWBW! Now tell me, what do you wanna buy this week?! 'Till next time!


lmc5004 said...

Those ruffle-butts are SOOOOOO CUTE! Love it.

Megan said...

I highly recommend the PBK chair. We bought one for my daughter's first birthday and she's almost two and still enjoys it! I need to buy a new cover so I can alternate them, but we bought the hot pink (it's not as bright as I thought so I'm glad I went with it and not the light pink).

The DIY Show Off said...

Great finds! I just got a Nook color for my birthday. I'm starting the Outlander series. So far so good but just read the sample and couldn't resist buying the first book. Historical/romance so we'll see.

Love the Rufflebutts and swimsuit too!

I also got a massage gift card for my birthday. Want to meet up and do lunch too? lol

Here's what I want to buy this week: new sheets and flooring for the kitchen/pantry. I "want" more than. haha

Love this feature! ;)