; World of Dennifer: What I wanna buy Wednesday - 03.23.2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 03.23.2011

Hey everyone! Good news, I figured out how to get the photos off my camera! I'll re-start my 12 weeks to better photography beginning this weekend. I also got my craft supplies this past weekend for my spring DIY projects. I plan to get started on them tonight/this weekend & hope to post at least 1 project early next week, but {fingers crossed} I'll post both if I can! Tomorrow, I'm going to be finally getting up Amaya's 4-5 month photos & updates.I've been thinking A LOT about the house projects I need to & want to get done this year & I hope to do a whole post on the things I'd like to do.

Anywho, time for WIWBW - I love scoping out stuff I wanna score & looking for good deals & share it with all of you! So, without further adieu, I bring you today's installment of WIWBW:

1. A maid/cleaning service:

I've wanted a cleaning service for a while now, but I never felt I could justify it because I have such a small townhouse. But, now that my little AJ is here, it's getting much harder to keep my house looking presentable. I am still very apprehensive to spend money on this, but we are definitely considering it & it would be niiiiiiice!

2. IKEA Billy Bookcase:

I had this on my baby to do list & never got it since AJ decided to make her appearance a little early! I need it to keep my books & craft supplies all in one place in my little office corner of the basement. I want to buy some decorative paper & line the backs shelves & make it pretty - I'm sure the hubbs will love that since the basement is his mancave.

3. A cute camera bag for my new {Digital SLR} camera: 

I have seen lots of really great, stylish camera bags for Digital SLRs lately & I really really want one! I found a bunch of cute & affordable ones on Etsy from Janine King Designs & a great tutorial on how to DIY one! I would love to do the DIY one, but I'm not a sewer...arrgh, add that to my list of reasons why I need to learn how to sew!

4. A nice quality blender:

My little munchkin is gonna be starting solids in the next few weeks here & I am committing to making her baby food. It's gonna save us a TON of $$...not to mention, I'll know exactly what's going in her body, which I love. One item I need in my arsenal to facilitate this goal is a blender. Yes, I already have a blender - as the hubbs pointed out - but I don't have a nice blender. He says I have to give it a try with her food before he considers letting me get a new one. Hmph. Look at him being all practical & logical, boooo. Okay, so even if our crappy current blender is good enough to completely puree her food, I still want a new one! {in my best Snooki voice} Waaaaaah!

5. PB Sofa Slipcovers:

How is it that Pottery Barn always makes everything look so sophisticated & beautiful?! Too bad my little beh beh will soon be a toddler & if I were to purchase these, they would sadly be ruined I'm sure. So, I likely won't be buying these, but doesn't stop me from wanting to! If you'd like them, they are on sale for 20% off right now..check 'em out, they are all beautiful! 

And that's all I got for this week! Hope you enjoyed today's installment of WIWBW. 'Till next time!