; World of Dennifer: What I wanna buy Wednesday - 03.02.11!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I wanna buy Wednesday - 03.02.11!

So since I'm always scouring the internet & clicking ads that conveniently get delivered to my email inbox daily, I decided to start a weekly feature on some of my favorite items that I'm drooling over each week!

1. The Vera tote by Vera Bradley:

I lurve this tote bag & have been lusting after it for a while now. Vera Bradley has always been a wee bit steep for my blood though, so I waited patiently & waited & waited. Then, last week (after I got paid), I decided, what the hey? Might as well check out the website & see if they have any on sale, right? No harm in that. Well, they did & I'm happy to report that I am the proud owner of my very own Vera Bradley Vera tote! And I heart heart heart it. It's perfect for my commute to work & spacious enough to hold everything I lug back & forth from work, including my laptop, wallet, iPod, contract files, etc. etc.

2. A Shady Baby Stroller Parasol for Baby AJ:

Well, to be honest, I'd never heard of Shady Baby until I checked out one of my favorite bargain websites - Baby Steals - the other day & saw the lil beauty you see above. I had been looking for something to block out the sun & wind on our walks {my little munchkin HATES both} & the visor on her Graco SnugRide car seat 'aint cutting it, so when I saw this on Baby Steals the other day, I was thrilled! So I scooped it up for 50% off, woot! Gotta love deals!

3. The {most.adorable.hat.I've.ever.seen} Little Blue Bird Crochet Beanie with Pink Bow from Mimi's Babies on Etsy:

::swoon:: I had had Mimi's Babies bookmarked for a while on my laptop. I bookmarked LOTS of cute baby-related Etsy shops when I was pregnant, but never bought anything from them. So when I checked out the Mimi's Babies link & saw this cutie, I made sure to save this link for future buying. ;op I am actually thinking about buying this hat for Baby AJ to wear in her 6 month photos that I plan to get, but then again it'll be close to the end of spring by then, so I may just buy it earlier & take some pics of my own of her in it! Either way, I MUST have it.

4. Eclipse Sueded Thermaback Window Panel in Chocolate:

{sorry, can't C&P pics from Target or Walmart websites - boooooooooo}

I need these for my baby's room. You see, I quickly learned, after my little AJ started sleeping exclusively in her crib, that our current setup wasn't working. It's WAY too light in there during the day & she can only sleep in a darkened room. See exhibit A:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, pretty, huh? Well it is, but pretty is not cutting it in this case - my child needs naps - seriously. So right now, we have some very lovely {heavy sarcasm} dark bed sheets covering her windows until we get new drapes. I would prefer something pretty & pink - like these or these, but they are too expensive & I'm scared that they wouldn't completely block out the light & then I'd be p!ssed I spent so much money, only to have to continue covering the windows with our {very classy} sheets. :)

So, I picked out some chocolate drapes that I like & while, they wouldn't be my first choice style-wise, they are my first choice for my baby's sake. And all you mamas out there know - baby's sleep trumps most other things, lol.

5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Cleaner:

Not very exciting right? But the Dennifers desperately need a new vacuum cleaner 'round here. I kinda knocked over our current one while trying to walk past it with my a huge basket full of clothes I needed to fold. I bumped it & saw it falling, so I tried to stop it & heard a loud "Crack". Not good. I totally broke OFF the bottom part that rolls on the floor. Hahaha. I am so annoyed with myself, but I guess accidents happen - what can you do?! So I started looking for new vacuums the next day & we need it stat because we have a bad mischievous fat dog named Dizzle with lots of hair that likes to get all.over the house - in each & every place you could think of. It's gross - so yeah, this will likely be a purchase that will be made sooner rather than later. I wanted something with a Hepa filter, with no bags & with attachment tools to get in all the cracks & crevices.

And there you have it - my top 5 things I wanna buy this Wednesday! That was oodles of fun! I think I may even make this a linky party eventually if some of y'all are interested?! I've been trying to come up with a really fun weekly linky party & I think this may be it. Who can't think of 5 things they want to buy each week!? Clearly some of the things on my list this week have already been bought, but hey, I got good deals! 'Till next time!