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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Amaya: 8-9 months!

OMG my daughter is nearly TEN months! {begin slight panic attack} How did time fly so fast? What happened to my little squishy baby? I kinda want another one NOW...but, uh, don't tell my hubby that - he may leave me, hahaha. Kidding, kidding.

Anyways, as I mentioned, since she's almost 10 whole months, I thought it was about time I checked in here with her monthly bi-monthly post. I really do always have plans to post these updates every month & then, well...life happens & I don't get around to it in a timely manner. She'll be 10 months at the end of this week, so I may just do a really brief post for 10 months & then do the monthly posts for 11 & 12. That's the plan...but you know what happens when I make plans when it comes to Baby AJ! And of course, I'm hard at work planning her birthday party, woo - can't wait to tell you guys about it, but I'm gonna do a separate post for that b/c it'll be looong, lol.

And now, here are Amaya's 8 & 9 month photos:

{sloberrrrr box}

And her 0-7 for comparison...

{8 month outtakes}

{9 month outtakes}

She's always after the camera, ha! She is like a little lady now & I can't believe it! She literally changes or does something new everyday! It's so much fun & kinda bittersweet seeing my baby get SO big so quickly. :o/

She got 1 Hep B shot & they took all her official stats at her 9 month well baby appointment...she weighed 16 lbs. 14.5 oz. (20th %tile), was measured at 28.5 inches long (80th %tile) & her head circumference was 17 inches (25th percentile). So she fell in terms of where she falls on the charts for weight, but she is a tall little thang! As you can imagine, that makes it a little difficult to shop for clothes - difficult, but not impossible & it surely doesn't stop this mama! :) She's still in 6-9 or 6-12 months depending on the brand, but a lot of the 6-9 month stuff is getting kinda short, so she'll have to stop wearing those soon. Speaking of clothes, I just packed up a HUGE box of her cutest clothes that I couldn't bear getting rid of & put it into our storage unit. I'm hoping to break 'em out again one day. The hubbs still isn't completely sold on a sibling in the next couple of years for munchkin, but I think he'll come around! In the mean time, my older sister just found out that she's preggo & we are hoping for a girl this time!! Those clothes will get some additional use one way or another, ha!

Her night time sleep is still pretty good, but lately she's been waking once each night for a bottle. This was all over the last week or so - not sure if it's a growth spurt or if it's because she's getting congested/runny nose or what, but I hope she goes back to her old 10-12 hours a night. Tonight I tried adding just a wee bit of oatmeal cereal to this evening's bottle...just to make her just that much more full, so we'll see if it works. She's still going down for bed anywhere from 7pm-8:30pm...normally closer to 7:30, but it varies depending on how she naps at daycare. This past weekend, I noticed she has started staying up for longer stretches between naps, so I'm thinking right around 12 months she'll be doing just one nap a day. I don't think I'm ready for it! But, if it's one good, quality nap then I'll take it - I act as if I have a choice, lol.

As for naps, they are hit or miss unfortunately. For a little bit, right before starting daycare, she was taking two 1.5-2 hour naps a day. I was jumping for joy & signing oh happy day! But that was short lived b/c a week or two later she started daycare & obviously it jacked up her napping. She does nap there, but it's all over the place - sometimes 30 min, sometimes an hour or more. You never know what you're getting when you go pick her up in the evening. I'm hoping my poor pumpkin adjusts soon because she definitely needs sleep. She's never really crabby when she's sleepy, but she just looks so pitiful, ugh.

Speaking of daycare, {besides the erratic napping} she's really doing quite well! She L-O-V-E-S her two main teachers & also loves all the kids & toys. I think she gets bored here at the house on weekends because she's so used to all the activity at "school"! I am so happy she adjusted so quickly, it makes me feel like we really made a great decision to a) send her to daycare & b) start her when we did. She's just such an awesome, happy baby - everyone always says that & I agree {of course, I'm slightly biased ::wink::}!

She's also doing really well trying new foods! I try to make sure has at least one type of table food everyday & try to introduce new foods every couple of days. So far she's had (either puree or small bits of table food): apples, peaches, pears, bananas, avocado, green beans, peas, mango, strawberries, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, all types of bread, several types of Gerber infant cereal, all types of puffs, Yo Baby yogurt, carrots, pasta (she's freakin' lurves mac & cheese), rice crispies, mum mums, black beans, rice, plums, egg yolk (scrambled & seasoned with a teeny bit of salt free Mrs. Dash), pancakes, mashed potatoes & I'm sure other stuff I'm not mentioning. She LOVES food, which is very exciting for me! I am also happy to say that I actually stuck with making her baby food homemade. My hubby didn't even think I'd hang in there, but I did & hopefully saved us a bit of money in the long run. I cannot wait until she kicks formula to the curb right around her first birthday, it'll be awesome...not only for the money savings, but because I hate washing/making bottles - it's so time consuming! Right now she's doing between 22-25 ounces of formula per day, but most times she doesn't want it at all. I think it's because she's had so many new foods that formula seems boring to her! She also water in her dippy cup at every meal & she's doing awesome with it - even holds it & tips it up to her mouth all by her self!

As for milestones, she's doing well. She's talking up a storm! So far she can say baba (1st word), dada, mama (yay!), lala, yay, hi & dog. When she says "yay," she smiles so big & claps her hands in excitement! And she waves when she's says hi! She also knows that our family dog is a dog - she only says that word when he's around, but she doesn't say it anytime we see other dogs! She rolls all over the place & gets up on her knees to rock, but hasn't quite started crawling. Her main way of getting around, though, is sitting on her butt & scooting to whatever she's trying to get to, it's SO cute! She can also bear weight on her legs & stands up against stuff with one of us standing right there supporting her. Her hair is growing too, I can't wait till it's long enough for pigtails...I used to hate when my mom put them in my hair, but now I understand why she did - they are super cute! I think that's all for now...'till next time!


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love the outtakes!

Jen J. said...

Thanks, she's such a HAM for the camera. :)