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Monday, August 22, 2011

My top mommy must haves: 3-9 months

The original plan was to post this at 6 months, but as usual, time started flying by & now here we are! Guess that's what happens when you throw a baby into the mix...your "plans" somehow seem to slip, ha!

Anywho (can you tell that's my word?! I use it in regular conversation too ;), I hope this list will be useful to some of you! When I was pregnant with the munchkin, I always found similar product recc posts from some of my mommy blogger friends helpful...and I still find them helpful - geared towards older babies of course since this one:

{last weekend @ our lunch date to Chipotle...yes we go on lunch dates...minus the hubbs ::wink::}

...well, she's becoming such a big girl! <3 her!

So, without further adieu (sp?), here's a list of the top products I couldn't live without over the last 6 months:

1. The Summer Infant Video Monitor:

We moved Amaya to her crib early, a little before 3 months actually, and I'm so happy we did! Since she was so young, the transition really wasn't tough at all. The one thing she had to get used to was her limbs - she used to startle herself awake with them several times a night. Sometimes she'd be up until we put her back to sleep, but eventually she got used to them!

Anyway, one of the things that always gave me comfort was this monitor. I was skeptical about getting one b/c of the cost & b/c Baby Bargains recommended against it, but the hubbs insisted (I think he was thinking about how cool it was rather than the actual usefulness of it, lol), so I relented & added it to our registry. We used gift cards we received at our baby showers to purchase one & it's seriously one of the best baby purchases I've ever made!

2. Boogie Wipes:

I cannot say enough good things about this product! We were in the throws of our first cold when I stumbled across these at BRU one day & I picked a pack up wanting to try 'em out. Now I can't live without them! Anytime AJ becomes a little snot box, I break out a pack of these babies & her nose gets cleaned without getting all sore & raw. They are also perfect for getting dried on boogs or food off her face...awesome product!

3. Clean Shopper:

I had another shopping cart/high chair cover, but it didn't cover the sides of the carts, which didn't work for {germ-o-phobe} me...I hated seeing AJ touching the exposed parts of the cart then putting her hands in her mouth! Ugh, can you say germ fest?! I knew I needed another shopping cart/high chair cover & one day they just popped up on Zulily! Awesome. I cannot say enough good things about the Babe Ease brand of Clean Shoppers & Diners. They are GREAT - huge, soft & easy to clean...all the things busy mamas need & everything I was looking for!

4. Summer Infant Tiny Diner

This is another can't live without product for anyone who likes going out to eat at restaurants. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mat. It suctions to most tables & contains A's messes like no other (see photo of munchkin above). It's also super easy to carry around & clean up - it rolls right up & fits in your diaper bag or purse, then when you get home, just shake the mess into the trash & either toss in the dishwasher or rinse off with soap & water. Easy peasy & such a great value - if you buy one, you definitely won't regret it!

5. Sophie the Giraffe teether:

Yes, I admit it - I bought into the Sophie hype & bought one for A for Christmas, or did Santa bring that?! he he he. Nonetheless, she has her, she chews her, she loves her. She used to spend 10+ minutes at a time chewing on Sophie's nose & legs! It is quite the expensive teething toy, but she has held up remarkably well so far & she's easily washable in the sink with warm, soapy water.

6. Evenflo Exersaucer:

Amaya LOVES her exersaucer - she loves to "bouncy bouncy" & starts jumping up & down as soon as we say those words, lol.  This is another example of Santa's infinite wisdom. :) I like that it keeps her entertained {& contained} while I get stuff done or when I'm getting ready for the day. She has the 123 Tea For Me version of the Exersaucer & especially loves the stacking cake, the mail/mailbox & the spinning wheels. It even has a small tray & a place for her cup!

7. Tomee Tipee starter cups:

We received these cups as a gift during one of our baby showers & when the time came for Baby AJ to start practicing with cups, I decided to try 'em out. She took to these surprisingly easy & it now a little pro at drinking out of her cup! Her teacher at daycare even commented on how good & advanced she is with the cup! I like the soft spout, small amount of parts + no spill feature, the handles & the top that closes over the spout...you know, for when your little one is over drinking out of the cup & instead wants to bang it on stuff & throw it around?!

8. Graco Blossom 4-in-1 high chair:

I love this high chair! One of my fave things about it is that it's not too baby'ish looking & it has so many features that keep growing with your child, like it's THREE {yes, 3!!} trays, the multiple seat levels & it even comes with a booster seat! I'm sure we will keep this for years & years to come! In fact, we won't ever need another one since it goes all the way thru the toddler age range. Amaya likes playing with toys or smearing food all over the large main tray. But don't worry, the tray is machine {dishwasher} washable & the straps & cover come off easily to wash if you need to.
9. Aquaphor:

This stuff is ahhh-mazing. We mainly use this to treat & prevent diaper rash - it's the only thing that has ever worked for AJ - we tried Triple Paste, Desitin, Butt Paste & none worked quite as well as good 'ol Aquaphor. And you don't need the baby kind (same as the adult version btw), nor do you need the brand name. I have used the CVS, Target & K-Mart store brands & they are all pretty awesome. When AJ is getting a little red or a rash down there, we slather it on thick (& have her daycare do the same with the Aquaphor we provided) & normally it's gone the next morning, or at the very least, markedly better! Love it. Want some more of it. :)

10. LOTs of storage baskets:

I recently bought a couple C&B baskets for our living room for toy storage & I'm so happy I did! Their baskets are stylish, affordable & large enough to hold a lot of munchkin's toys! I hate clutter, so at the end of the day, I just toss all her toys in the baskets & my living room instantly looks less like a playroom, lol. We also have a Pier One basket in our room where I put any toys that find their way into our room so that they are handy if we need them, but not laying around our room. Baskets are essential for those of you who crave a clutter-free, organized home.

11. Formula Dispenser:

If you use powdered formula, these are essential for trips out of the house. I bought one dispenser & each compartment holds up to 8 oz each time. I just fill this baby up before we plan to head out, fill a couple bottles up with water & head out. It makes it super easy to prepare the bottles when you're out of the house as well, just pop open the top, pour into the bottle, shake & you're all done. and for the price, you can't beat how useful this product is!

That's all I got for now, I'm SO tired so I'm gonna turn in for the night. Try some or all of these products, you won't be sorry you did! 'Till next time!


Rebekah said...

My daughter doesn't like her Sophie giraffe, but maybe she'll get more into it when she starts teething. It's so cute, I'd really like her to like it!

I'll have to remember the Aquaphor tip. She just got over her first case of diaper rash, and it seemed like it took a lot longer than it should've to go away.

And those formula things! I've never seen those before, but I must get them!!

Life Happens said...

Thanks for sharing your list. I may have to get my little guy Sophie bc he is drooling like crazy. No teeth yet, but he's at the stage of putting everything in his mouth.

We use the aquaphor for his eczema and it works great.

I will have to pick up some of those boogie wipes for fall/winter, when he is surely going to get sick.

Hope you have a great week!