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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off to the Big Apple!

Tomorrow we are leaving for a weekend trip to New York! It's very exciting for me since I've never been to NY! The Mr. has, but I never have & it's not too far away & pretty affordable. While in NY, I want to do as much as possible; here are a few of the things I want to do while I'm there:

Broadway - I have wanted to see a show on Broadway for soo long, hopefully we will get the chance this time!

I hear they have tours to Ground Zero; I'd really like to go see it in person & to say a prayer for everyone who lost their lives on September 11th.

Statue of Liberty - just something I've always wanted to visit!

Horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park - how romantic, right?!

I'm so excited & this will be our first anniversary trip! Sunday is our anniversary...I can't believe how quickly the first year has flown by. Besides the trip, we still have the top layer of our wedding cake, so I will take that out tonight & put it in the fridge to defrost over the weekend. I'm kinda scared of it, lol. I actually didn't want to save it, but my husband did - hahaha. What man cares about something like that?! And we will cap off the night by watching our wedding video. Ah, I can't wait to reminisce with him about one of the happiest days of our life!! I'll post a full trip recap early next week & a special anniversary post on Sunday. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Shanny said...

Happy anniversary!!!! Have fun here in NY =)

Ms. Understood said...

Happy Anniversary. Wow . . . . How'd I miss that you were a newlywed? Seems like y'all are vets. Praying for your safe travels for the family.