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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WTF (almost) Wednesday...

OMG, the saga of our front/backyard clean up & landscaping. I didn't elude to this much in my previous post about our outdoor spring cleaning, but have had a MAJOR problem with the landscaper we hired to do some of the heavy lifting-type work. They were supposed to be trimming the branches on the tree away from the house, trimming the branches on the evergreen tree that was ruined during the three snow storms we had in our area this past winter, clearing out the scary weedage (yes, just made that word up :oP) in our backyard, and lay sod in the back surrounding the patio. All of the work minus the sod-laying was done this past Friday & they were supposed to come back on Monday to finish up the job. Simple enough right? Wrong.

Problem #1: They were using a chainsaw to trim the branches on the large tree in front of our house & they used some sort of lubricant or oil for the chainsaw & well, look wtf was left on my sidewalk & stairs:

Yes, as you can see from picture #3 - one of the guy's workers even walked thru the huge spill at the bottom of our steps & tracked it across the sidewalk! Are you EFFING serious?! And they just left. No clean up, nothing. So, we called the "owner" (quotes b/c I'm not sure it is even a legit business at this point; unfortunately we got this referral from my mother & didn't really check it out b/c we trusted her word) on Saturday morning, he didn't calll back. But several hours later he did TEXT my husband saying something about he observes the Sabbath on Saturdays & doesn't talk business or return business calls on Saturdays or something. We respected that - it's his religion, so we didn't trip. He said he'd absolutely clean up any mess they left on Monday when they came to lay the sod. Great. Wonderful.

Problem #2: So yesterday, I get home from work...big oil/greasy spot still there. Little smaller spots, foot prints still there? YEP. So I calm down. ::deep breaths:: Walk into the house & go out on the deck to check the back yard to see if maybe they laid the sod? Nope, nada, nilch, nothing. No messages on my home phone, he didn't call my cell all day, called my husband - didn't call him either. So, I say to myself, "Jen - you got home early today, chill. He's probably coming by a bit later to finish up the job & clean up the mess they made." I waited until 4pm, then called him; no answer; left him a message to call me back ASAP so that we know what's going on. He still hadn't showed up by the time my hubby got home, so he called him. No answer again, so he left him a more firm message around 5pm'ish. Well the guy still doesn't call back. Then, my husband's phone rings at 9pm - it's the guy. He apologizes profusely, gives my hubby some BS excuse about his guys not showing up for work, PROMISES - I mean is completely adamant that the work will be done tomorrow (which is today now) & then when we get home, the mess will be cleaned up.

So I get home today - oil stain still on the sidewalk. My husband never called me & he got home first, so I figure maybe the guy called him & worked out other arrangements or tried to get the spill/mess up & couldn't so he was going to try something different maybe later on? I'm trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I am literally praying when I get to the back of my house that at least he came by & laid the sod. Nope. My husband is pissed, like livid. And usually I'm the sorta crazy, aggressive one, so him being upset is not normal - at all. Once I saw him, he said that he had tried calling the guy & he didn't answer as usual, but that he didn't leave a message because he was scared of what he'd say to him. So I called him & basically threatened him with contacting the Better Business Bureau & told him that our HOA (who technically owns the sidewalk) will be pursuing charges against him for destruction of property. I told him that we didn't want him to do the work on our property, but that if he wanted to avoid future legal problems, that he'd need to contact us immediately to make arrangements to come by & clean up this mess. That was hours ago. He still hasn't called me back.

So, just an angry, b!tchy little, friendly Public Service Announcement (PSA) to anyone in the Northern Virgina area that is getting any landscaping or yard work done - DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use Daniel Saavedra of Freedom Services (not sure this is an actual business name). He does not follow thru on his word, does not complete the work he promises in the time frame he promises, ruins your property and makes no attempt to remedy the situation, does not return phone calls & all around is a horrible business man.

At this point, I have no clue what else to do. I Googled his so called "business name" & I can't find it. I'm so annoyed I can hardly contain myself. I feel like calling him every hour until he answers the phone. I may try calling him from another phone number tomorrow. This is freaking ridiculous. What would you do? We just want the oil spill cleaned up at this point - nothing more, nothing less. Any suggestions/advice are VERY welcome. Le sigh.


Sarah said...

Gah! That sucks, I'm sorry!

But in good news, yes, the Mood Board Monday with West Elm party is next Monday, the 26th...so you have this week to design your room:) I'm so excited that you are excited! Oh and good, glad you like the logo...thanks for all your support:) See you next week!

Shanny said...

Oh my gosh I have no suggestions, I'm sorry! This is really unprofessional, I hope somehow someway you guys can get it cleaned up or even better for them to grow a conscience and come and clean up their mess, geesh!