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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby J to do list update - 09.01.10

Wowza, the last week went by sooo quickly! I think I got a decent amount done on my list over the past week, but I still clearly have lots left to do, so it's time to get my booty into gear. A lot of stuff has been partially done, so in the spirit of not faking myself out, no item will get crossed off unless it is completely done. So here are this week's updates:

House Related:

  • Get gutters cleaned. 
  • Clean under the deck area; get rid of any debris in that area.
  • Buy new area rug for living room.
  • Buy new throw blanket for couches. -- I had a 10% off PB coupon + the throw I had been lusting over was on sale, so I ordered it:

The PB Essential throw - omg, doesn't it just look so cuddly & soft?! I can wait to curl up on the couch with my baby girl, my hubby & this throw. :) I got it in Dark Ivory & I think I'll pair it up nicely with the knock off brown buttoned PBK pillows & these pretty & rich orange pillows that I already own from Target!

  • Clean out front closet. -- Got started on this, but I think I need to get a cheap basket or something to organize the stuff on the top shelf.
  • Clean out & magazine & odds & ends baskets in LR.
  • Find (or make) & install valance over sliding glass door {not so sure this one will get done - depends on how much the valance I like will cost}.
  • Mop hardwoods in all areas.
  • Organize pantry.
  • Make room in kitchen cabinets for baby stuff
  • Clean base boards throughout house.
  • Scrub walls where Dizz grease spots are --> LOL, yes my dog leaves grease marks in the areas where he always leans against the walls! What? Your dog doesn't?! Hahahaha. Who knows WTH is up with that..my dog is a weirdo - he gets bathed/groomed like every other month...promise!
  • Buy & have the hubbs put together Billy bookcase from Ikea in basement office area.
  • Clean out basement utility storage closet.
  • Buy iPod Clock/Radio for MB.
  • Find & buy *small* entertainment system for MB TV (this is a DH added to do, lol).
  • Do the fall decorating!
  • Steam clean Dizz grease spots where he lays on the carpet - just like on the walls for the stairs, if he lays in one spot a lot, the grease from his coat makes that spot on the carpet dirty...eww!

Baby J/Nursery Related: 

Baby J Stuff (in no particular order)- 
  • Buy onesie from our alma mater - she MUST have one since her daddy & I went to the same school...it's where we met!
  • Make appointment to meet with & tour pediatrician's office - I think I know who her pedi will be (got referrals), we just need to make sure they take our insurance & go out to see the office/meet the Drs.
  • Do hospital tour - scheduled for September 9, 2010, woot!
  • Take childbirth class - scheduled for September 26, 2010!
  • Pre-register with hospital. -- got the paperwork from my Dr. & I have filled it out & will turn it in during the hospital tour on September 9th.
  • Gather several recipes for frozen meals (to eat after baby gets here).
  • Buy a few nursing tanks, sports bras & lounge pants.
  • Return any stuff we get duplicates of; freecycle/donate {hand-me-down} clothes we won't use.
  • Pack hospital bag. 
  • Install car seat in my SUV & get installation inspected.
  • Cook freezer meals (between 35-37 weeks).
Nursery Stuff -

  • Measure & put in liners in dresser/changer combo.
  • Hang curtains (on hold until we get the hardware in early Oct. :o( )
  • Put up remaining leaves/berries on tree & "blow" them around windows (also on hold until curtains are put up).
  • Hang framed "Beautiful" & "Miracle" [ReDeemed] Unique wall art (also on hold until curtains are put up).
  • Buy remaining frames for photo wall.
  • Buy TV for bookshelf - yes, we are putting a TV in the baby's room...it's more for us than the baby & we decided we wanted one in there for late night sessions with the babe.
  • Super secret DIY lamp project - it's only a secret for a few days until I get the post on it together. ;op -- Post on this cutie coming up tomorrow!!
  • Make pom poms to hang over crib.
  • Wash all clothes & blankets; put away in drawers.

Financial Related:

  • Make 529 (college savings) plan choice & get/read enrollment info. -- Got the info all printed, now we need to read it & make a final decision.
  • Look into life insurance coverage & discuss/make any necessary adjustments.
  • Find out process for changing over health & dental insurance for the baby & I to the hubb's policy - we both work for the Federal Government & it was cheaper to have separate insurance until we had a little one, then switch to the family coverage.

M'wah Related:

  • Change name with electric company, school loans & long-term savings bank account (no, I still haven't done the name changes on a few accounts).
  • Get physical done at PCP.
  • Finalize maternity leave plan, type it up & submit it to my supervisor & team leader; put leave requests in time tracking system.
  • Order Thank You notes for shower gifts.
  • Get hair cut & straightened before due date. LOL, for some reason I want my hair straight when the baby's born (it's more manageable that way than in its natural CURLY state), so if I have time, I'm gonna try & keep it straight for the few weeks leading up to my due date.
  • Pick out design for birth announcements (so that I can order them soon after she arrives); make address labels for envelopes.

So that's it for this week - I'm making some headway, but still have lots to get done. I am still on track with my goal of getting 3-5 items marked off the list each week. This weekend coming up is a long one, so I'm hoping to get a lot of the house stuff done. Clearly I need to work on the "me" list a little more too! What about all of you - are any of you working on some sort of running to do list? How'd you do over the past week? Tomorrow I will be doing another Project Nursery post on my lamp makeover - it came out pretty darn cute thanks to some help from my favorite tool - the hubbs ::wink::. 'Till next time!


Shanny said...

I'm glad you are getting things done Jen! Time really catches up to you, trust me. I can't wait to see your super secret DIY lamp!

Oh, and I answered you on my blog but in case you don't check the comments again here goes: I did ask the OB and MFM why they aren't seeing me sooner and they said that its because I'm doing so well. They don't see the need for extra monitoring for now, just to keep off my feet and to call/go to hospital if either water breaks, that's all. Its weird but good I guess!