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Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 fall decor inspiration

Finally right?! I really do apologize for being so late on this, but I figure that fall just "officially" started last week, right? So I'm not that late posting my fall decor inspiration, right? Right. ;o)

I get a lot of my decor inspiration from other bloggers, in the pages home decor catalogs or magazines & on home decor websites. This year I didn't want to overdo it or do anything too difficult or DIY-complex. Being 30+ weeks pregnant, having a new baby while all this stuff is out & having to keep it dusted & all means it MUST be simple & low maintenance. So most of this year's fall decor inspiration came from good 'ol Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Kids. Ahhh PB, why are you so expensive? I can only convince the hubbs to buy stuff from PB/PBK every blue moon...and I think I used up my annual PB budget on the baby's room, which is just fine with me because her room is fab (hoping to share some final reveal pics sometime late next week - just waiting on window hardware from JCP, woot).

I decided to use the same front door wreath I made last fall (which held up pretty well packed away), inspired partially by this PB beaut:


And here's my DIY version:

I'm only planning on decorating the main level, except for maybe a few small touches in our master bedroom/bath, using some of the leftover items from last fall's decor. I love PB's textured linen button pillows:

I scored a couple chocolate brown knock offs of these last year at Burlington, so I plan to use those along with a few of my solid color burnt orange toss pillows from Target & my PB Essential Throw on the living room couches.

For our entryway table, I want to keep our family name sign out & somehow incorporate this idea from PBK:

I just love the look of those pumpkins decorated with the ribbon - so simple, yet very beautiful! I first saw this idea in the fall PBK catalog, then I found it on their site. I don't want mine to be too Halloween'ish since I plan to keep this decor up thru Thanksgiving & not removing it until I put up Christmas stuff. They also have the absolute CUTEST baby & kids costumes. I am going to have to try so hard not to buy Baby J's costume from there next year. I know it's ridiculously expensive, but it's just so stinkin' cute!

Then for our dining room, I plan to use my pretty deep, burnt almost orange World Market place mats, seen in this post last year. And the centerpiece I'm making was also inspired by this photo I happened across while browsing the PB site:

I love the look of the candles in that antique-looking wood basket/crate & think something similar will look great on my DR table.

So, how about all of you?! Have you already started decorating for the fall? Where did/do you get your inspiration? I'd love to see your fall decor, please post a link in the comments if you'd like to share!

And that's about it for my fall decor inspiration this year - all simple & low maintenance. Next week I'll show you what I came up with based on all this inspiration, lol. But stick around because I will be posting my 33-34 weeks pregnancy update, my pre-Baby J to do list update & 5QF this week! And now I must go get some food in my tummy because Baby J is kicking me HARD, which normally means she wants food, hahaha. ::wink:: 'Till next time!


Life Happens said...

I love PB stuff, but not their prices. Love your wreath! Yay for fall!!!

Shanny said...

Great inspirations! I love the wreath you made and the candle idea, have fun decorating and make sure you show us what you come up with ASAP!