; World of Dennifer: Baby J to do list update - 09.17.10

Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby J to do list update - 09.17.10

The weeks just keep flying by! This week at work has been crazy as usual, but I'm getting close to the end of my workload for the fiscal year, then I will just concentrate on clearing up any loose ends before I go out on maternity leave! Clearly this update is a little late this week, but I have been working like an insane person & not getting home till nearly 7PM during the week, so my time to blog has been reduced. After next week, hopefully my life will be back to normal - or mostly normal. :)

Now on to my list...we actually got a lot done over the past week or so, and I'm happy to say I think it'll all  get done (at least all of the REALLY important stuff) before our little girl arrives! I think I'm definitely slowing down, so it's making it hard for me to get too much done. My fall decor is definitely coming along, but I'm waiting on a shipment from Save on Crafts (GREAT discount online craft shop!) to finish up my DR centerpiece - hopefully it'll turn out good! 

House Related:

  • Get gutters cleaned. -- I think we decided not to do this, we don't think it's necessary this year, so this one will be gone next list update.
  • Clean under the deck area; get rid of any debris in that area.
  • Buy new area rug for living room. -- We are now leaning towards having no area rug at all - wdyt? I'm kinda nervous to have nothing at all, but it is a pain because Dizzle's hair gets all over it & it can't be too light because he gets it dirty too with his body oil, lol. Sheesh - what a weirdo dog we have! 
  • Find (or make) & install valance over sliding glass door (not so sure this one will get done - depends on how much the valance I like will cost).
  • Mop hardwoods in all areas.
  • Organize pantry.
  • Make room in kitchen cabinets for baby stuff.
  • Clean base boards throughout house.
  • Scrub walls where Dizz grease spots are --> LOL, yes my dog leaves grease marks in the areas where he always leans against the walls! What? Your dog doesn't?! Hahahaha. Who knows WTH is up with that..my dog is a weirdo - he gets bathed/groomed like every other month...promise!
  • Buy & have the hubbs put together Billy bookcase from Ikea in basement office area.
  • Clean out basement utility storage closet.
  • Buy iPod Clock/Radio for MB.
  • Find & buy *small* entertainment system for MB TV (this is a DH added to do, lol).
  • Do the fall decorating!
  • Steam clean Dizz grease spots where he lays on the carpet - just like on the walls for the stairs, if he lays in one spot a lot, the grease from his coat makes that spot on the carpet dirty...eww! 

Baby J/Nursery Related: 
Baby J Stuff (in no particular order)- 
  • Do hospital tour - Re-scheduled for September 16, 2010!
  • Take childbirth class - scheduled for September 26, 2010!
  • Pre-register with hospital.
  • Gather several recipes for frozen meals (to eat after baby gets here). -- Starting to think that I may not do this, so this will likely be off the list next week. I figure our freezer space is pretty limited as is & either the hubbs or I can take turns cooking meals & there's always take out!
  • Buy a few nursing tanks, sports bras & lounge pants.
  • Return any stuff we get duplicates of; freecycle/donate {hand-me-down} clothes we won't use.
  • Pack hospital bag. 
  • Install car seat in my SUV & get installation inspected.
  • Cook freezer meals (between 35-37 weeks). -- See note above; this one will likely be removed next week.
Nursery Stuff -

  • Measure & put in drawer liners in dresser/changer combo. -- I just found some cute green striped contact paper liner from WalMart to use for the drawers. I have seen lots of people do the whole cutesy paper + Modge Podge, which I LOVE. But since her drawers are brand new, I didn't want to line them with something that involved the use of glue. Plus, this paper can just be easily pulled up & switched out if necessary. Here it is in her drawers:

  • Hang curtains (on hold until we get the hardware in early Oct. :o( )
  • Put up remaining leaves/berries on tree & "blow" them around windows (also on hold until curtains are put up).
  • Hang framed "Beautiful" & "Miracle" [ReDeemed] Unique wall art (also on hold until curtains are put up).
  • Buy remaining frames for photo wall. -- I ordered most of them, I just need to select & order her first year frame!
  • Wash all clothes & blankets; put away in drawers.

Financial Related:
  • Make 529 (college savings) plan choice & get/read enrollment info. -- Read all the info - just need to make a final decision now.
  • Look into life insurance coverage & discuss/make any necessary adjustments.
  • Find out process for changing over health & dental insurance for the baby & I to the hubb's policy - we both work for the Federal Government & it was cheaper to have separate insurance until we had a little one, then switch to the family coverage.

M'wah Related:

  • Change name with electric company, school loans & long-term savings bank account (no, I still haven't done the name changes on a few accounts).
  • Get physical done at PCP.
  • Finalize maternity leave plan, type it up & submit it to my supervisor & team leader; put leave requests in time tracking system.
  • Get hair cut & straightened before due date. LOL, for some reason I want my hair straight when the baby's born (it's more manageable that way than in its natural CURLY state), so if I have time, I'm gonna try & keep it straight for the few weeks leading up to my due date.
  • Pick out design for birth announcements (so that I can order them soon after she arrives); make address labels for envelopes.
So that's it for this week! We are definitely making progress & most of the major stuff is done! Our baby shower #1 is tomorrow afternoon & I'm so excited! My main baby shower is in two weeks! I remember when they were both scheduled, I thought we had soooo long till they got here, now they are both just around the corner, woot! I heart cute baby stuff, so I'm excited to see what all of our friends & family give to Baby J! Gotta run now so I can start packing & I need to get my nails/eyebrows done too. I'll be back after this weekend with my 33 week pregnancy update, shower pics & update on the maternity tour we did last night! And I still owe you guys my fall decor inspirations - I should maybe get that up before I finish the fall decor, huh?! Hahaha. 'Till next time!