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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

33-34 weeks - our little cantaloupe!

As I get closer to the end, the worse I get with timely pregnancy updates. I think the every 2 weeks thing is working pretty good though, but if I find I need to post once a week because a week is particularly busy, then I will. Not many more weeks left though! As usual, I can't believe how quickly time is flying & that my EDD is only 6 weeks away. There is only 1 more day left in September, then it's October & she's due November 6th, so she's literally due like next month! Our "main" baby shower (being hosted by my sister & close friends) & my work shower is next Tuesday, so I am excited to see all the cute stuff little Baby J receives! In recent baby buying obsession news, I bought a few more things over the past couple of weeks...so bad, I know, I know - but I can't HELP it! Here's what I got:

I had planned on purchasing a first year frame for the nursery photo wall & finally found one that was reasonably priced that I loved on Amazon. Now we have all the frames we need for her wall, so hopefully I can talk the hubby into putting them up this weekend so we can mark it off our Baby J to do list.

I hadn't planned on buying any "going home" baby outfits or any special outfits other than the first onesie we got from Target before we even knew the baby was a girl. But then one of my friends showed me pics of her daughter from the hospital & she had the absolute cutest matching gown & beanie outfit on from Etsy seller Addie Kakes Kreations & I just HAD to have one too! So cute:

My little sister is going to take pics of us with the baby the day after she's born when she comes to visit us in the hospital & our little girl is gonna look so ADORABLE in her personalized cap & gown! I can hardly wait to get it!

I also had a 20% off Hallmark coupon (I'm a rewards member - love Hallmark!), so today I bout the babe a cute memory book to record some memories from her first year with us. I feel like I may be going a teeny bit overboard, but hey...it's our first, so I'm excited! ;oP

According to Baby Center (I'm switching it up this week), Baby J is the size of a cantaloupe this week..hence the post title, lol. She is about 4 3/4 pounds & 18 inches long! She's getting plump in there -  her fat layers are filling out more & her lungs are continuing to mature. When I got my weekly Baby Center email this week about the baby's development, it actually made me breathe a huge sigh of relief because it said that babies born between 34-37 weeks that have no other health problems generally do just fine. Not that I want her born any time before 37 weeks (or before the end of October for that matter), but still - good to know.

I can't believe the miracle of babies growing inside of us - it'll be even more real when she gets here, but sometimes I sit & think about how wonderfully cool it is that I have another human being growing inside of me! It's also becoming so real that she'll be here soon..like SO real. I'm starting to get a little nervous - excited, but still nervous at all the changes our relationship, family & life in general are about to go through! As far as I go, I'm doing okay - very tired/achy by the end of the day & I can't breathe all that well, so I'm breathing really heavy when I walk short distances or talk too fast. I've also been getting pretty daily beautiful cankles since last week, note exhibit A:

Please excuse my non-pedicured toes, they have since been fixed. :o)

My Dr. assures me this is pretty normal & advised that I just rest with my feet up, which normally does the trick, so by the next morning, my ankles are back! I'm also getting up to pee in the middle of the night much more often, which makes me even more exhausted when it's time to get up for work. Speaking of work...I got my final maternity leave schedule okay'ed by my team leader & plan to talk to my actual supervisor about it tomorrow. I'm sure he'll give me the thumbs up too, so the plan is that my last day int he office is October 29th - exactly a month from today, woo! Then, I'll telework November 1st - 4th & take my normal Friday off on November 5th. I'm due November 6th, which is a Saturday. Then I'm off using a combo of holiday, sick, annual & comp time leave from November 8th until January 29th. I absolutely cannot wait to not have to worry about work for THREE months & am so blessed to have such a flexible job that I am able to take off that long!

We had our 34 week appointment last Friday, the second to last bi-weekly appointment. We have one more next Friday, then I start seeing my OB once a week! This appointment was a normal one - peed in a cup, they checked my weight & blood pressure & the Dr. listened to the babe's heartbeat with the Doppler - 158 bpm if I remember correctly. I think they said I will get the order to do the Group B Strep test at my next appointment. Anywho...here's my 33 & 34 week bump shots, I think she's definitely getting bigger in there:

33 weeks clothed & bare (@ the hubby's mom's house before our shower on September 18th):

34 weeks clothed & bare:

I'm in the home stretch now...can't wait to meet our little girl! So exhausted, so I'm going to lay down & watch Law & Order SVU, hahaha. 'Till next time!